• For a Firearms Licence in Queensland,  Applicants are required to provide a Statement of Attainment showing they have completed an approved safety training course for the relevant category of weapon within the previous 12 month period.

The QRA is a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation for delivery of 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety. 
(RTO Provider 5308.)

For information, or to reserve a place on the next course, contact the QRA Office.  

Bookings are essential as there is a limit to the number of participants for each course.

 To join a club for genuine reason follow this link- QSC membership application 


QRA Belmont:

                      Firearms Safety Courses are conducted regularly by the QRA at the 
                      Belmont Shooting Complex at 
1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont. 
  Phone 07 3398 4309   or     click here to email
Online Bookings (Belmont):  Bookings for courses held at QRA Belmont click here  


Regional Queensland:  The QRA has instructors in regional Queensland.
                                     Contact us for locations and information.

                                     Phone: 07 3398 4309 or 0488 026 569, Mon - Fri  8.30 am- 4.30 pm
                                     or  click here to email the QRA.



  Sunday:   (from 8 am)  Category A & B or A & B (RPL)  - Full one day face to face course. Approx. 8 hrs

  Wednesday courses are held one Wednesday each month.

      Wednesday (from 9 am):  Category A & B;  A & B (RPL); Cat. C; Cat. D; Cat. H; Cat. M  

      Wednesday Evening * (from 6 pm):   Category A & B (RPL); Cat. C; Cat. D; Cat. H; Cat. M.

(RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL can be applied for all categories if requirements are met. 
         If booking RPL on-line, please phone us before booking to ensure you qualify. Ph. 07 3398 4309.)

* Wednesday evening  courses are theory only, so attendees with no recognised prior learning (RPL) will also have to attend a practical assessment on the following Sunday.


                  To contact a course instructor for dates and times, phone the QRA 07 3398 4309, or email.

COURSE CATEGORIES:     A and B,   C,    D,    H,    M.      NSW Cat. R - bookings by appointment.

RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning.
RPL can be applied for all categories if requirements are met: 
Acceptable documentary evidence of formal firearms training must be provided (eg police/military record of service); acceptance of documentation is at the  discretion of the course instructor.

If booking RPL on-line, please phone us before booking to ensure you qualify. Ph. 07 3398 4309.


PRICE:  Category A & B and  A & B (RPL)   $120/person.
 Please contact us for prices, course duration and for information regarding other categories ph. 07 3398 4309

              All courses are face to face

For groups of more than 6, please contact us and we will assist where possible with training by appointment.


No prior knowledge or preparation is required for the course, however we do ask that before attending the course you read:

   1. The Student Handbook

   2. Declaration by an unlicenced person to possess a weapon at an approved range.


What to wear

The practical component of the course is outdoors, so please be prepared with suitable attire; long pants recommended. 
- Closed in shoes are essential.  Hearing protection will be provided and must be worn.  
- Don't forget water, hat & sunscreen.

(If the weather is not suitable to complete the practical outdoors, alternative arrangements will be made for the practical component to be completed indoors.)

Practical Component requirements:

To complete the practical component of the course, participants must meet
"Eligibility to hold a Weapons Act Licence":  

The QRA conforms to the requirements of the Qld Weapons Act which governs the use of firearms.  If not disqualified or prevented from obtaining a licence under the Weapons Act 1990, a person may possess and use a weapon without a licence under certain circumstances.  These are:

-  A person who is eligible to obtain a licence may have possession and use a weapon at a range approved for the category of weapon, if they have produced photographic identification and signed the appropriate forms.  Possession and use must be supervised by a range officer.

-  Full licence holders must be at least 18 years of age.

-  Children of at least 11 years of age can use certain firearms, with adult supervision, under a minor's licence.

-  A person is ineligible to hold a Weapons Act Licence if, within the past five years, they have been convicted of offences including misuse of drugs, or weapons, and the use or threatened use of violence.

-  A person is ineligible to hold a Weapons Act Licence if they are or have been the subject of a domestic violence order in the past five years.


COMPLAINTS and APPEALS regarding QRA 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety

INFORMATION regarding Firearms Safety Course complaints/appeals (pdf)

Complaint/Appeal Resolution Form, Firearms Safety Course 10618NAT (pdf)

Beaudesert Enrolment -  (pdf format - Please print DOUBLE SIDED)     Form A  -  Form B -  Form C




Visit the Qld Police Service Weapons Licensing Branch website for firearms licensing enquiries:
- New licence applications
- Expired Licences
- Renewing, maintaining and cancelling licences