Membership Forms

Please contact the QRA or a QRA Rifle Club for information regarding club membership.

QRA TARGET RIFLE CLUBS:  To apply for membership of a Rifle Club, please contact the Club directly for information regarding fees and membership,  prior to completing the  Membership Form.  A list of QRA Rifle Clubs can be found on the "CLUBS" page (click here for link).  The application for membership must be signed by the Club Captain.  

NEW MEMBER APPLICATION - for QRA Affiliated Clubs.  
Contact a Club to apply for membership, complete this form, and send to the Club.

TRANSFER Application -
between QRA or NRAA affiliated clubs

 The QLD SHOOTING CLUB :for members who are not regularly shooting but wish to maintain membership of an approved rifle club.   

Qld Shooting Club Membership Application form (click here for pdf).

 QRA Team Nomination Form  

For information about calling of nominations, click here.


Click here for link to POLICIES and RULES

Range Registers

Club Range Register
Club Range Register - (Other than Category H) Form 20B

Club Range Register
Club Range Register - for Unlicensed Persons Form 33A



Incident Forms

NRAA Incident Form (PDF)

QRA Incident Form - Qld Workplace Health and Safety Form 3 (PDF)



QRA Grants

QRA Grants - Information (PDF)

QRA Grants Application for funding Club House (PDF)

QRA Grants Application for funding Membership Development (PDF)

QRA Grants Application for funding Capital Works (PDF)


Course in Firearms Safety 

Complaint/Appeal Resolution Form, 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety  (PDF)

INFORMATION regarding Firearms Safety Course complaints/appeals (PDF)