Come And Try Target Shooting with the Qld Rifle Association.

In hosting our GIVEITASHOT program, QRA have taken precautions to comply with relevant COVID Safe Industry Plan. The program has been amended to enhance social distancing. All participants are welcome providing they comply with the Queensland Health directives to be found here.


Brisbane - Belmont


This is your chance to try target shooting in a fun and safe environment. The #GIVEITASHOT program is especially developed for people who would like to try shooting for the first time, want to have an enjoyable morning out or would like to get back into shooting. It is not an open range session where you walk in shoot and go home, it is an organised event with qualified instructors, fun exercises and heaps of support.

A firearm license is not required and all equipment is included.

A great one-off experience, or the start of heaps more!

The program exists of 3 individual events. The Shoot4Fun, Learn2Shoot and LongShot.


FOR UPCOMING EVENT DATES CLICK HERE or visit our facebook page


Shoot4Fun, Learn2Shoot & LongShot

Fullbore Target Rifle shooting is normally held on the long range (300 to a 1000 yards) Therefore larger caliber rifles and ammunition are used to cover the distance. The result of which is more recoil or kickback when you squeeze the trigger. As we understand this can be a bit scary to start with, so with this in mind we developed the Shoot4Fun and Learn2Shoot events.

For the Shoot4Fun and Learn2Shoot program we use rifles with lighter recoil, without the kickback and noise. This gives you the opportunity to first experience how it is to shoot and familiarise yourself with a firearm. The Shoot4Fun is a great introduction event with fun targets and great shooting exercises. It will give you an idea how it is to shoot while having fun. While during the Learn2Shoot you will learn more about the Fundamentals of shooting. There will be more shooting involved and you'll get the chance to experience how it is to shoot a Fullbore rifle.

The LongShot session will be held on the Fullbore Range (300-600 yards) with the larger caliber. A great option to try the next step and experience what Fullbore feels like.


Where do I start?

If you are interested in trying one of the #GIVEITASHOT events or would like to know more, then give us a call on 07 3398 4309. We can book you into one of the next up coming events or guide you to the right event for you.

We do have package deals if you'd like to explore the full program, or would like to book a private session with your colleagues, family or friends.


Upcoming Events

The upcoming event dates are posted on our QRA Facebook Page - LINK

Express your interest through the following link if you would like to receive updates of upcoming events: Expression of Interest form


Joining a Club

Interested in getting into the sport? We are here to support you. Through the events we get to know what you are after so we can organise the best fit for your needs. With multiple clubs and disciplines out there it can be a challenge to do this on your own. We are here to get you in the right direction and are able to introduce you to a club of choice.


Firearm Safety Course & Licencing

To participate in the program you don't need a firearms licence. If you do like to have your own, a Firearm Safety Course is the first step in your licencing process. Here at the QRA we organise these courses weekly.
Give us a call to find out more.


Sneak-Peek Video

GIVEITASHOT overview video

 Give it a shot!Give it a shot!


Regional areas

Please contact a QRA Club directly for enquiries about “Come and Try” sessions.

If you would like to try target shooting before joining a club, contact the club representative and they will be able to make arrangements for you to Come and Try with their club.   Click here for club contact information.

A Long Range fullbore Target Rifle shooter in the prone position.



QRA Fullbore Rifle Club members enjoy the challenge of long range shooting and competitions, shooting at stationary targets.

The targets are at distances between 300 and 1000 yards and the shooter is in the prone position, where the shooter lies down facing the target, supported by their elbows and upper body (see picture above).

With discipline and practice, a skilled shooter will hit the bullseye  using a single shot bolt-action rifle of .308 or .223 calibre.

If you would like to try out this sport before joining a club, contact your local QRA affiliated club for an introduction. Click here for Club contacts.


Come And Try Target Shooting with a QRA Club.

Shooting with a club is an opportunity to engage with experienced shooters and club members using rifles with peep sites and scopes to hit your target.  Many CATTS participants now enjoy shooting, improving skills and knowledge, and competing with their clubs.

  • *No weapons licence required;
  • All equipment is provided;
  • Bookings are essential as numbers are limited for each group;
  • Participants 11 years of age and up (and supervised by adult).

*Unlicensed shooters must sign a QPS Form 33 or 33A.


CATTS is a QRA Initiative supported by the Queensland Government to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.