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NRAA Standard Shooting Rules (SSRs)

NRAA SHOOTER IDENTIFICATION numbers (SID's) can be found on the NRAA website at


9 March 2017 SSRs V.5.0(d) March 2017    Click here for link to SSR's as at 10 March 2017

8 March 2017     NRAA Update:  Omark bolt head retaining pin

7 June 2016       Important notice from NRAA regarding Wilbern Model M90 Rifle.

7 June 2016      SSR's Rule Update

2015 - December 14

The F Class Team Captains for the Trans-Tasman match at Belmont in June 2016 and the World Championships in Canada 2017 have been selected.

See the attached notice here and it is also on the NRAA web site at:-

 SSR's 1 June 2014 with FTR Rules

2014 - June  SUMMARY of RULE CHANGES (PDF) - approved at May 2014 NRAA Board Meeting. Rules are effective as at 1-June-2014.  

2014 - 2 June:    FTR Rules Extract (F/TR Rules were extracted from the ICFRA Rules) 


2014 - 15 August:  NZ F Class Teams Update; Call for Shooter Nominations (pdf)

2014 - 2 June:     Call for Nomination for F Class Team Captains - NZ 2015 (pdf)

2014 - 24 May:    National Teams Matches (pdf)

Member Update Notice #38

NRAA Memo Sierra 2156 Projectiles price increase

Approved Powders and Projectiles as of 1 Jan 2013




After the last NRAA Board Meeting, the latest Electronic Version of the SSR’s is finally published.
Below are the new SSR’s plus a Cover Note with a summary of Rule changes.
These are also available for download from the NRAA Web Site.

Bob Pedersen - NRAA Rules Director

SSRs Feb 2013
Rule Changes, Additions and Inclusions Since the August 2012 Edition



At the Feb. 2013 Board Meeting the NRAA Board approved the below four documents dealing with Electronic Targets.

The NRAA Electronic Targets Advisory Committee, consisting of members from each state and territory finalised their documents and they are now being circulated.

They are also available on the NRAA Web Site.



Bob Pedersen – NRAA Rules Director



Electronic Target Essentials

E-Targets General Requirements Discussion

NRAA Policy - Electronic Targets

Electronic Target Cover Sheet States





View as a PDF here.


MEMBER UPDATE #37 - NRAA Oct 17 2012

Download here


Message from Bob Pedersen –Rules Director - NRAA

Please find below two documents for your notice.

1. Summary of the new rule changes approved at the May NRAA Board meeting. The Rules came into effect as at June 18 th 2012.
2. The Second is an updated copy of the SSR’s which contains all the rule changes to  date. It is now Version 1C –replacing the previous Version 1B and it takes affect as of 18th June 2012.

(a) It has been placed on the NRAA Website.

(b) The printed copy of the SSR’s will not be altered as yet, as there are a number of 
major changes and inclusions coming because of the Grading Rules and alterations 
to deal with Electronic Targets.

QRA UPDATE 9.7.12 - Changes to NRAA SSR's - After the NRAA May Board meeting.

QRA UPDATE 9.7.12 - Standard Shooting Rules - Effective: 1 August 2011 Version 1c: Modified as at 18th June 2012.



12.3.12 NRAA Projectiles

15.2.12 NRAA - Winchester K-Split

8.2.12 NRAA Electronic Target Systems URD - Information Draft Document

16.1.2012 NRAA National Grading System


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