Belmont Range users will have noticed significant earthworks behind 1000 yards which has been occurring over recent weeks in co-ordination with the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. 

Fill is being transferred from the Chandler Sporting Complex Velodrome and is being used to construct an earth wall to reduce noise from the Range reachingneighbouring properties.

Before:  Moving the gazebo ready for the work to commence.Before: Moving the gazebo ready for the work to commence.

There will be a significant flat area behind the 1000 yards which will allow for vehicle access and drop-off of equipment and a gentle walk to the 1000 yards mound. The berm will curl around 1000yds on the western side and will go to 800 yds.  Excess fill from this project will also be put toward a noise mitigation berm from 300yards to 500yards on the western edge of the Duncan range. 

The 1000 yards mound will be reduced from 47 firing points to approx 42 to accommodate the earth wall footprint and allow emergency vehicle access according to the plan. Storm water flow and reinstallation of the aluminum seats has been discussed and is included in verbal plans.  Options are being considered to hydro mulch the 1000 yard berm with couch seed on the inside and “bush seeding” on the outer that will not require mowing etc due to the steep profile.