Queens 2020

The Queens will be running from Friday to Sunday next year. Please see below for the program. 


Program 2020


Wednesday 12th August

Duncan Series – Stage 1

Thursday 13th August

Duncan Series- Stage 2 

Friday 14th August

Queen’s Series – Stage 1

Saturday 15th August

Queen’s Series – Stage 2

Sunday 16th August

Queen’s Series – Stage 3


State Championships August 2019


QRA 2019 Duncan Winner- Jim Bailey  (Holsworthy Rifle Club) QRA 2019 Queens Winner- Charles Arrowsmith (Brisbane Mariners)



 Duncan and Queens Results 2019


Links to results on hexta are below; 


Archer Trophy and F Class Challenge- Click here


Duncan only - Click here


Queens only - Click here


Duncan and Queens Grang Aggregate - Click here


Teams Matches 


Duncan Club Teams- Click here


Zillman Cup- Click here




Program 2019


Saturday 3rd August

Brisbane Rifle Club PM (500, 500 &600 yards) 8:30am

Sunday 4th August

MDRA PM (800, 900 &1000 yards) 9:00am

Monday 5th August

Archer Trophy & F Class Challenge (1000 yards) 1:00pm

Tuesday 6th August

Duncan Series – Stage 1 (500, 500, 600 &600 yards) 8:30am

QRA Council Meeting 6:00pm                                                                                                   

Wednesday 7th August

Duncan Series – Stage 2 (900 & 1000 yards) 8:30am

Teams Matches (600 yards) 1:00pm

Thursday 8th August

Queen’s Series – Stage 1 (300, 500, 600 & 600 yards) 8:30am

Friday 9th August

Queen’s Series – Stage 2 (800, 800, 900 & 900 yards) 8:30am

Saturday 10th August

Queen’s Series – Stage 3 (1000 & 1000 yards) 8:30am


On the 25th of April the Queensland Rifle Association held its first Anzac Day Service in front of the Armistice War Memorial. The QRA would like to extend thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and attendees.

If you were unable to attend the event a live video of the service will be found on the QRA facebook page www.facebook.com/qldrifle 

There were many beautiful tributes spoken at the service, please find attached a copy of Bruce Scott's speech. Bruce Scott's Speech





A QRA member for 70 years and still going.

Glenn Perrin with Bronc Burling, departing for Bisley with the Australian Rifle Team, 1968.Glenn Perrin with Bronc Burling, departing for Bisley with the Australian Rifle Team, 1968.

Glen joined the Darling Downs Rifle Club at the age of 17 and had his 87th birthday Tuesday the 18th of December 2018, making him a member for the past 70 years.

He is a member of a well-known shooting family from the Darling Downs with brothers Les and Joe competing along with his father Albert and his uncles.

Glen’s shooting history is very impressive.


His 57 Queens badges include wins in North Queensland in 1955, 1957, 1959 and 1962.

Over his career he won 40 prize meetings (Can you imagine – not participating only, we are talking winning!) and he was the Club Champion 27 times. He was also successful in winning the State Champion of Champions twice.

As you can see, he was an excellent individual shooter, though as a cherry on the cake, he accomplished fantastic achievements in Team Shoots as well.


He represented Queensland 15 times between 1954 and 1976. He represented Australia 3 times. Firstly in New Zealand in 1961, then twice in 1968 in Melbourne followed by Bisley (see photo).

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