Thinking about applying for your Queensland firearms licence? Having your own licence allows you to store, transport, and operate a firearm in the category granted on your licence. That's right - there are different categories of firearms with different applicable regulations. The most common categories are A and B for rifles and H for handguns.

Having your own licence puts you a step closer to being able to purchase a firearm. Learn more about the requirements to get started and book yourself into a Firearms Safety Course!

The QRA is a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation for delivery of the 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety (RTO Provider 5308).


One of the first steps in the process of obtaining your licence is to complete a Firearms Safety Course.

The QRA is a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO number 5308) approved by the QLD Police Service Weapons Licensing Branch to deliver the 10618NAT Course in Firearm Safety on their behalf. It also offers Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) options if applicable.

The Statement of Attainment, which you will receive upon successful completion of the course, is a mandatory requirement for your licence application. This statement is valid for twelve months from the date of issue.

Before booking into a course, you will need to check what category licence you require. Each category is linked to specific firearms, with the most common categories being A and B for mainly bolt action Rimfire and Centre-fire rifles, Break Action shotguns and Paint Ball guns, and H for handguns.

In addition, the QRA can offer courses on request for restricted categories C and D, M - Crossbow and M - Collectors, for which you will need a specific reason, such as occupation, to be able to obtain a licence.

In the article ‘What are the Firearms Licence categories in QLD’ you will find the specific details for each category.

Also available through the QRA is the Cat R NSW DPI (hunting in State Forests in NSW).

Check the ‘Book me in’ section on this page to find your nearest course location in Queensland.

As well as obtaining your Statement of Attainment, it is also important to have a Genuine Reason for applying for a licence. During the Firearms Safety Course you will learn which genuine reasons can be applicable for you.

A genuine reason as defined by the Queensland Weapons Act 1990 is:

  • Sports or target shooting;
  • Recreational shooting (Hunting on Private Property) 
  • An occupational requirement, including an occupational requirement for rural purposes;
  • The collection, preservation or study of weapons;
  • Another reason prescribed under a regulation.

If your reason is to participate in the sport of target shooting, a club membership can be your genuine reason. The QRA gives you the option to become a Queensland Shooting Club (QSC) member, which fulfils this purpose. This type of membership allows you to start your licence application, with the option to upgrade to full membership through our affiliated clubs. A great way to get things rolling.

Check all membership options via the Membership page.

When you have your Firearm Safety Course Statement of Attainment and Genuine Reason ready, you are almost there if you wish to apply for Categories A and B. If you apply for other categories, there might be other important requirements involved.

During the Firearms Safety Course these requirements and how to apply for your licence will be explained.

Although you can apply online, you might not feel comfortable doing this by yourself. Missing or incorrect information can delay the process. That’s why we offer a support service to assist you with the online lodgement and any related questions.

It can take a while for your licence  to come through, so why not start shooting in the meanwhile? Without a licence you can still join a Try Shooting session or join your new club’s activities.


Book me in

Firearm Safety Courses are conducted regularly by the QRA at the Belmont Shooting Complex and throughout Queensland. The QRA is a nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO)  and all courses are conducted by RTO qualified instructors. 

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Statement of Attainment for the relevant firearm category. This is a requirement to apply for your licence. Course prices vary depending on the category and location of your choice


Book a course at Belmont Shooting Complex. Check the calendar for prices, dates and requirements.


With Licensed Qualified Instructors all over Queensland, we know we can direct you to your best possible option.



To participate in a Firearms Safety Course, all requirements of Queensland’s Weapons Act 1990 must be met. All participants must be 11+ years of age and must meet all fit & proper person requirements as stated in the Weapons Act 1990 and Weapons Regulations 2016.

Unlicensed persons must sign the ‘declaration by unlicensed person to possess a weapon at an approved range’, which will be provided upon arrival at the course. With this, the participant declares that the information given is true and correct in every detail.

Minors (11-18 years) can enrol in the course, but can only apply for a minor’s licence, with the option to apply for a full licence when turning 18.

Contact the QRA to discuss your situation if you have any concerns regarding your ability to meet  the weapons licensing requirements or to participate in the theory component or practical component of the course. This includes participants with disabilities of any kind. Our qualified instructors can give advice on which arrangements can be made for your safe participation in the course.

Go to the calendar to find the prices and booking information for QRA’s AB and ABH courses at Belmont Shooting Complex. Prices for all other categories are available on request.

The fees for regional course options can differ due to additional organisational costs. Use this form to get in touch with an instructor in the area of your choice. They can provide you with information regarding the costs, location and available dates.

The course will cover the important points of Queensland’s Weapons Act 1990 and Weapons Regulations 2016.


During the theory component you will learn about the laws governing firearm ownership in Queensland, different types of firearms and their basic operation, along with range procedures, safety rules and hunting ethics. Storage of firearms and licence application requirements will also be discussed, and many other topics.


The practical session covers the basics of accurate and safe shooting techniques, firing a few rounds and a discussion of maintenance procedures.


All categories have multiple choice open book written examinations and a practical component, with a 100% pass requirement.


A Certificate of Attainment is issued upon successful completion of the course.

During the course you will learn how to  handle a firearm safely, though this will be a very basic exercise. If you would like to learn the fundamentals of shooting, the ‘Learn2Shoot’ event is a great option. This is a one-off event and is part of QRA’s signature program #GIVEITASHOT. To participate in this event, a firearms licence is not required.

Although there is no prior knowledge required for the course, we do ask you to read the following documents before attending the course:


The Course Handbook
This is a preparation handbook and will also be provided during the course.


Declaration by an unlicensed person to possess a weapon at an approved range.
This declaration will be provided during the course and must be signed to enable you to participate in the practical component of the course.


The Student Handbook
This covers the course rules and regulations and provides information regarding complaints and appeals.


Also, before commencing the course, you will need to apply for a Unique Student Identification (USI) number if you don’t already have one. This can be obtained from

Prior to the course, information will be sent out with the specific requirements to bring to the course. The following will give you an idea of what this contains.

It is essential to bring a valid photo ID to the course. This could be a driver’s licence, passport, or other current photo ID. This also applies to minors.

Do not forget your USI number, which you can obtain through

Covered footwear is mandatory for the practical component of the course, with long pants recommended (skirts not advised). Depending on the category, this component takes place in the prone or standing position. Hearing protection will be provided and must be worn.

Furthermore, it is handy to bring a pen and notepad, some food for lunch, and a water bottle.

Individuals, companies, and groups can get in touch with the QRA office to check for private course options. Depending on availability, these can be held during weekdays or weekends for the categories of choice.

Be aware, there are restrictions regarding some licence categories, with additional weapon licensing requirements.

If you wish to book for six or more participants, get in touch and we can investigate the option of organising a training session by appointment, without additional costs.

Pre-booking is required for all Firearm Safety Courses.

Regular sessions at the QRA Belmont shooting complex  are to be found on the calendar.

It is possible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the practical component of the course. This is available for all categories, and applications will be assessed at time of booking.

Acceptable documentary evidence of formal firearms training must be provided (e.g., Service ID card, a copy of a Certificate of Discharge, an Interstate Shooters Licence or proof of an expired Queensland Firearms Licence). It is at the discretion of the course instructor to determine whether RPL can be accepted.

To find out if you meet the requirements, please contact the QRA office during business hours prior to booking.

A normal course will go for approximately eight hours. RPL participants attending a regular course will only have to join the theory component and will finish earlier. The course price will be the same.

Once a month, a ‘theory only’ evening course is held at QRA Belmont shooting complex. To find out when the next one is to be held, check with the office.

If you would like to renew, maintain, or cancel your firearms licence, it is best to visit the Queensland Police Service Weapons Licensing Branch website. You will find information there which will answer your firearms licensing enquiries.

If you need support in applying for your licence, there is the option to use the QRA’s application support service.

To make it easier to find all the documentation and forms related to the Firearms Safety Course and licensing, we have summarised below.

If you cannot find the document or form you are after, please contact the QRA office and we are happy to help you further.

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