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Interested in shooting with a QRA club? Or are you looking for a membership to comply with license application requirements? The QRA offers great options. A QSC membership is a perfect way to start, suitable for a license application while you find out what your next step will be. Alternatively, enjoy shooting with a QRA club right away and become a full member through the club.

New to shooting? Give it a Shot first!

membership Types

QRA Club Membership

A QRA club membership is ideal for getting into target shooting. It allows you to shoot with your club on the QRA ranges.

With a QRA club membership you are part of the club, the QRA (state body) and the NRAA (national body).

QSC Membership

A QSC membership can be used for firearms licensing purposes. This is a handy option to start the application process, with the option to upgrade to a club membership later.

A full membership upgrade will allow you to start shooting with the clubs on QRA and NRAA ranges throughout Queensland/Australia and be selected to represent Australia in Overseas competitions

QRA Club Membership information

Membership Categories

There are three different  Membership Types to choose from: Field & Rimfire, Sporter/Hunter and Fullbore. A Fullbore membership includes the shooting disciplines Target Rifle, all F-Class disciplines, Benchrest and Match Rifle. Fullbore shooting is QRA’s main membership type.

When you become a member, you choose one of the three different  memberships, based on the type of shooting you would like to get into.

Learn more about the different disciplines in Shooting Types explained.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are comprised by amounts for the club , the district, the state organisation (QRA) and the national body (NRAA). The amount may vary depending on the club and district fee components.

Together we provide the opportunity to participate in the sport of target rifle shooting.

QRA Club Membership

A QRA club membership is ideal for getting into target shooting. It allows you to shoot with your club on the QRA club ranges.

Steps to becoming a (QRA) club member

Keep in mind each club has its own policies regarding the acceptance of new members. Check with the club directly to find out if you can become a member.

If you would like to try the sport of shooting first before becoming a member, have a look at TRY SHOOTING.

You are now ready to start developing your skills by joining the club activities!

TIP: Before buying any equipment, get yourself well informed through your clubmates and by contacting the Q-store.


Do I need my own equipment when I join a club?

Most clubs have equipment that you can use at the start. This way you can get a better understanding of what kind of equipment would work best for the discipline you have chosen. Not everything for sale is suitable, so check with your teammates first for advice on what to purchase before you end up with equipment you cannot use.

Can I participate in this sport if I have a disability?

As long as you comply with the specific government shooting rules, target shooting is open to all persons. You won’t be the first to join in the fun! Depending on your disability, provision can be made to allow you to shoot.

Do I have to get a firearms licence first before joining a club?

You don’t need a firearms licence first. There is the option to start shooting under supervision with a club. The club can supply the documentation needed to make use of this option.

Becoming a member of a club can serve as your genuine reason for applying for a licence.

What kind of shooting experience do I need to have to become a member?

No experience is necessary. The club members will help you to get started. There are also programs available for new shooters, which teach you basic shooting techniques.

If I just want to become a volunteer rather than a shooter, do I have to become a member of a club and the QRA?

Anyone can become a volunteer to help out. Membership is not a requirement. It might be beneficial to become a member if you would like to make use of the extra benefits.

Do I have to become a QSC member first, or can I become a full member straightaway?

Either way is possible. If you become a QSC member first, this allows you to start your firearms licence process without being bound to a specific club. This is especially handy if there are multiple clubs in your area and you would like to get to know them first.

You can also become a full member straightaway and enjoy the membership benefits.

Once I'm a QSC member, how can I become a full QRA (club) member?

If you are a QSC member and would like to upgrade to a full membership, you can organise this through the club of your choice. Make sure to let them know that you are a QSC member to make use of the pro rata deduction. Please contact the QRA office if you have any questions related to this.

Are there any discounts on memberships available?

There are some great offers available for junior members and new members. Check the member fees for the most recent information.

For QRA club members, discounts are available on selected products at the Q-Store, QRA’s accommodation bookings and selected QRA services.

Do I have to become a (QRA) club member, or can I just stay on as a QSC member?

You don’t have to become a full member if you don’t want to use the benefits of a full membership. A QSC membership is handy if you want to use the membership for your firearms licence. If you do want to start shooting on the club’s ranges, then a club membership is needed.

Can I become a member of my local club without becoming part of the state and national organisations?

It is important to understand that being part of the state and national organisations enables the sport to exist. Through your membership fee, these organisations can liaise at state, national and international level on behalf of the members, and put the spotlight on the sport of shooting.

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