Up for a challenge?

Many of our clubs host Prize Meetings, which are open competitions normally held over three or more range distances with an entry fee and prize money. This gives you an opportunity to challenge other club members from within Queensland and other states. There are a number of opportunities to shoot in individual or team matches, with the upcoming events to be found on this page.

Shoot in inter-club or inter-district team events where the team captains, team managers, wind coaches and shooters work together to get the best results. Team events are organised through a selection process, either through your club or your district contacts. Join one of them and have some fun.

Ready for the next level? There is also the option to nominate for a state team. You might be the team player with the right skills to make us Queenslanders proud at a national team event.

UPCOMING Competition

Open Prize Meetings

Shooters compete as an individual against peers in graded competition organised by clubs or the DRA (District). Open Prize Meetings are often shot as several 10 or 15 shot stages over several ranges, e.g. 10 shots at 300 yards/metres, 10 shots at 500 yards/metres and 10 shots at 600 yards/metres. Winners are awarded with prize money, trophies or badges in each discipline and or grade.

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Club Championships

Weekly club shoots contribute to the annual club championship competition with winners for each discipline acknowledged. Check out our affiliated clubs.

Once a year the State Champion of Champions takes place, where the club champions in each discipline and top Under 25 (TR) and top Veteran (TR), from all QRA Clubs shoot against each other.

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Team Competitions

Team competitions see shooters and wind coaches come together to get the best TEAM SCORE – this is very different from the normal club competition which sees individual shooters take to the mound to do their best! Teams compete at district, state, national and international levels in both TR and F Class.


2022 saw our Queensland Taipans F Open Team take the gong at the National Teams Matches in Bendigo! Our veterans in TR and F Class will compete in NSW in January 2023.



Two of QRA’s team competition events are the Frazer Shield and City vs Country.

The Frazer Shield is a team’s match, shot between North Queensland Rifle Association (NQRA) and the QRA, alternating biannually between North Queensland (Townsville) and the QRA (Belmont) Queen’s Prize program as the venue.

During the City versus Country, nominated club members from the metropolitan district clubs  compete as the City Team against the Country Team, formed by nominated club members from all other district rifle clubs.

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The QRA King’s Prize is the QRA state championship, shot over three days of competition usually from 300 to 1000 yards. The King’s Prize is preceded by a two day lead-up competition called the Duncan Memorial, which is usually shot over seven ranges. Competitors shoot as individuals in a graded competition. All other states and territories host their own King’s Prize Meetings throughout the year, which are open competitions in which any NRAA member can participate.

Once a year the NRAA organises the National Championships where people from all over the world participate.

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Sporter/Hunter Matches

The QRA organises Sporter/Hunter matches on a regular basis to allow shooters with sporter/hunter equipment to shoot in competition events on the QRA’s ranges at Belmont Shooting Complex.

Many of our affiliated clubs run Sporter / Hunter as part of their weekly/fortnightly shoots. Below you’ll find dedicated Sporter / Hunter events or prize meetings where Sporter / Hunter is shot! Don’t forget to check out our clubs and ranges for more information regarding sporter / hunter!

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State Teams

Nomination Process State Teams

Nomination will take place according to the QRA Team Policies.


Team nominations are normally called between 12 to 18 months before a competition. The National Rifle Association of Australia has a calendar of events and team events are scheduled 10 years in advance.


The following steps will give you an insight into the process of team nominations.  After nominations have been received for team captain, the Selection Committee recommends the appointment of this person to the Board for approval. This is followed by an announcement of the team captain, who then appoints a team manager, and nominations open for shooters and wind coaches. Trials are conducted and the squad is shortlisted. The team captain selects the team shooters and wind coaches, and submits their names to the Board for approval. The final step is the announcement of the team.

State Team Eligibility

As a current QRA member with full membership you are eligible to apply for a team.


For the Open teams and F Class teams you would be expected to be shooting in the top 20% of your grade. Under 25 and Ladies teams are seen as introductory teams, with shooters wanting to experience the team environment and progress to the Open teams. The Veterans teams are made up of experienced and new shooters.

As a team member you must comply with the QRA constitution, by-laws, regulations and any reasonable direction from the QRA, the anti-doping policy of the NRAA Ltd, NRAA Standard Shooting Rules and the rules of the competition. You will be required to sign a team member agreement. You are required to provide your own rifle, ammunition and equipment, and maintain your equipment to the highest standards of accuracy and reliability for the duration of the team agreement.

State Team Roles & Expectations

A team consist out of the following team members:

  • Shooters – Team players, able to fire a good shot under direction of a wind coach, committed to upkeep of their equipment.
  • Wind Coaches – Able to read weather conditions, communicate well with shooters, other wind coaches and the captain and work under direction.
  • Manager – A good organiser, able to communicate well, and can commit to the time involved to excel in this role.
  • Captain – A person with leadership skills and excellent in communication.

Expected commitment:

  • Practice – You will be expected to attend the majority of team practices, and commit to your own training between team practices.
  • Time – This will depend on the team captain and the number of practices and the commitment to attend the event. 
  • Costs – There is some QRA funding available for teams, but this will not cover your expenses. You are responsible for all your own ammunition, equipment upkeep and travel expenses to practices and events. QRA supports some expenses to attend practice, such as accommodation, target costs etc. 
  • Equipment – You will be required to maintain all your equipment to the highest standards whilst part of the team.

State Team Travel & Logistics

Being part of a team allows you to participate in the national team events and shoot against competitors from other states. At times QRA will send goodwill teams to international events.


You will be expected to attend the majority of team practices and also maintain your own training program to ensure you are shooting at your best for the team event.


Depending on the location of the team event, sometimes travel is coordinated by the team manager to ensure all team members arrive for the event. If the event is local, then the team is given a date of arrival, and it is your own responsibility to arrive within this timeframe, ensuring you communicate with the team captain and manager regarding your travel plans.


At times it will be necessary to organise permits to travel with firearms. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they have all the required paperwork to allow them to compete in the state/territory or country where the event is hosted.

Representing Queensland

Being part of a QRA state team means you are representing the sport of Target Shooting.


As an official team member, you will be provided with the uniform items as set out in the QRA Team Policy document. You will be responsible for purchasing your own blazer and trousers, skirt and shirt and shoes for your official team “walk out” uniform. You will be expected to purchase team polo shirts to wear during the competition.


You don’t have to be in a team to make a difference. You can help make it possible for members to perform and represent Queensland. This could either be through cheering the squad as a spectator, contributing to the purchase of equipment, or volunteering during practises. Together we are ONE TEAM.


Let us know how you would like to get involved.


Entering a competition

There are many different competitions that can be entered. Learn more about the different competition events organised in Queensland and find out which one you can enter.


Each competition has its own organiser, competition structure and sign-up process. You will be able to find these competitions in the calendar with all the necessary information.


A larger competition event may have an online entry form where you can enter your details and pay online, while smaller competition events will be ‘enter on the day’.


For large events, knowing your SID (Shooter Identification Number) is important. Your score card will usually have your SID as a barcode, to streamline the data entry requirements.


The most important thing is to be well organised. Have a checklist on hand of everything required on the day.


If in doubt contact the event organiser, who will be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding the event.


It is essential to understand the rules of the competition as described in the information provided, including all the requirements regarding equipment and ammunition allowed. Be conversant as well with the relevant sections in the Standard Shooting Rules (SSR’s) to be found on the website of the NRAA.

Participating in an event

When you are booked into the competition and ready to attend, you will need to register upon arrival on the day. You will be asked to sign the range register and can pick up your score cards.


At the start of the day you will attend a pre-event briefing to ensure you are up to date with all the ‘on the day requirements’. Part of this is understanding the sequence of events, so you will be ready to shoot when required. During the competition you must obey all directions given by the competition officials.


Usually there will be a post-competition presentation which you can attend, where the competition results are presented and a social get-together takes place, to catch up and congratulate the winners.


Some competitions are held over a number of days. Most competition locations give you the option to stay onsite, and some organisers arrange meal options or alternative stays. In the competition event information you will find what is on offer.

Spectators and cheer squad

If you just want to be a spectator or maybe see how an event is conducted with a view to participating next time around, you are more than welcome.


As with participating in the competition event, you will need to comply with all the safety requirements and obey all directions given by competition officials.


If it is your first time on the range, make sure to contact the competition organiser prior to the event and let them know you would like to come and visit beforehand. This way they can ensure you have a safe and memorable experience.

Sponsoring and contributions

With the large number of volunteers makes the competitions possible, there are always costs involved in organising these events. Competition entry fees do not always cover the total costs and some events rely on sponsorships, contributions and gifts. Any type of contribution is very much appreciated.


If you think you may be in a position to be a sponsor, contact the QRA office or competition event organiser directly, to discuss how a sponsorship might be of mutual benefit.

News & Updates

Check the news and updates page for the latest information regarding competition events and state teams. Find out about upcoming event and the competition results, when team nominations are open, and any social media updates.


We look forward to seeing you on the range.

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