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As you can imagine, buying or selling a firearm comes with specific requirements. How does this actually work? And what do you do when you need an alternative option to store firearms due to unforeseen circumstances? Getting into the shooting sport and being a responsible firearm owner can raise some questions that might not be so obvious in the first place.

The QRA offers services related to buying and selling new or secondhand firearms, and has storage options for special circumstances. We also offer assistance in completing Firearms Licence and Permit to Acquire applications.

We are here to help you find answers to your questions.

The QRA is a registered broker and Nationally Recognised Training Organisation for delivery of the 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety (RTO Provider 5308).


Buying and selling a firearm requires an official transfer through a licensed dealer. The QRA offers these services to the public. New and secondhand firearms are sold through the QRA on consignment or by direct brokerage.



Although you can apply online for firearm licences and permits to acquire, you might not feel comfortable doing this by yourself. That's why we offer a low-cost service to assist you with the online lodgement and any related questions.​



One of the requirements of holding a firearm licence is having access to a secure storage facility. However, if your circumstances change, and you need a back-up plan, the QRA can offer you a temporary solution.



Buying or selling a firearm in QLD

Buying and selling a firearm requires an official transfer through a licensed dealer. The QRA offers these services to the public and can assist with Permit to Acquire (PTA) applications, which are necessary when you wish to buy or acquire a firearm.

The QRA sells secondhand rifles on behalf of others and also offers brand new options through the Q-Store. Selling through the QRA helps you to reach a wider audience while, at the same time, this makes it possible for a new person to get into the sport of long range rifle shooting.

Firearms are connected to the licence holder and it requires a brokerage service by a licensed dealer to transfer between licensees.

New to shooting

If you are just starting out and would like to buy a firearm, the QRA has new and second-hand firearms available. A second-hand rifle can be a great starting point to get into the sport. This allows you to upgrade the rifle as you continue your sporting journey. Brand new rifles and actions are available through the Q-Store conveniently located across from the QRA office.

Sell under consignment

The QRA offers the option to sell your rifle under consignment. This service is created to give others the option to buy secondhand rifles to get into the sport of Fullbore shooting. Only specific rifles will be accepted for this service. Contact the QRA office to find out if your firearm is suitable.



Some people end up with state of the art firearms they can’t use for the sport or range they want to use them for. Have a chat with firearm owners to get an idea what would suit you best. When you become part of a club, your clubmates might even let you try theirs to get a feeling for the different types, styles and brands.

Book your Safety Course first

And get your Firearm Safety Course certificate of completion to apply for your licence.

Application support

Applying for a licence and permit

Firearms and paperwork go hand in hand. To buy a firearm you will need a Firearms Licence and a Permit to Acquire (PTA). Although you can apply for these online, you might not feel comfortable doing this by yourself.  That’s why we offer a low-cost service to assist you with the online lodgement and any related questions.

Firearms Licence Application

All the required documents collected and ready to apply online? Go to the Weapons Licensing website, or make use of our application service.

Permit to Aquire Application

Would you like to buy your own firearm? Get your Permit to Acquire, also known as PTA. This process can be started as soon as you have applied for a firearms licence.


Get your documents ready before you apply. During the Safety Course and through QRA’s application service a list of all currently required documents will be supplied. Be prepared to prevent delays. Do you have your Statement of Attainment and Genuine Reason handy? 

  • Statement of Attainment

    To apply for your firearms licence you will need a Statement of Attainment of the Firearm Safety Course. If you haven't completed this course yet, book a course with the QRA to get yourself ready. Our instructors cover a wide area of Queensland.

  • Membership Registration

    What is your 'Genuine Reason' to apply for your firearms licence? If yours is 'for the sport of target shooting' and you are looking for a suitable membership, have a look at QRA's handy options.

Firearms Storage

Secure storage facility at the QRA

One of the requirements of holding a Firearm Licence is having access to a secure storage facility. It can happen that your circumstances change and you need a back-up. The QRA has a temporary solution.

Are you not allowed to be in possession of a firearm? There are multiple situations that can lead to this. You might be dealing with licence complications, have inherited a firearm while not having a licence, or moved interstate and are waiting for your new licence to come through.

This is where QRA’s storage service can be a solution. This is a service created for people in need, that allows them to store firearms while getting the complications sorted.

This service is available for members and non-members. Although it might sound very tempting, this is not a storage service to bypass storing firearms at home.

Steps to use QRA’s storage service:

Queensland Rifle Association Inc carries no insurance cover for stored firearms. If insurance is  required, make sure this is arranged.

Yes, you can store firearms for less than 6 months. Fees paid for unused months will be refunded per whole calendar month. Be aware, administration fees are non-refundable.

Unfortunately, this service is not a regular storage facility. It is a service created to support people in need. Feel free to check in with the QRA office if you are not quite sure of your eligibility in this regard.

There is an upfront fee of 6 months’ storage and an administration fee required at time of organising the service. For periods longer than six months, a monthly invoice, to be paid upfront, will be supplied.

Yes, you can. You do not have to be a QRA member, though QRA members with a full membership do receive a 50% discount on storage fees. Find out more about memberships.


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