This is your chance to try the sport of target rifle shooting, either as a one off experience, or to see if you would like to get into the sport.

Throughout Queensland our clubs are sharing their beloved sport by giving people the option to try shooting. This is done through the GIVEITASHOT program and Come and Try days. A great way to tick it off your bucket list or to organise that fun event for colleagues, friends or family.

Be aware, there is a chance that you’ll like it so much that you stick around.



The #GIVEITASHOT program is designed to provide you with an unforgettable target shooting experience. Our friendly instructors will lead you through a fun and exciting event. There are 3 experiences to choose from, the Shoot4Fun, Learn2Shoot and LongShot. Each has their own specialty, from entertaining, to learning how to shoot, to long distance shooting.

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It is actually pretty simple. If you haven’t shot before or want to get back into the sport, start with a GIVEITASHOT event. These events are organised by the QRA and give you the opportunity to have some fun and start with the basics.

You might like it so much that you want to get involved with a club. Then it is time to join a Come and Try event, organised by your club of choice. Get introduced to the club of choice and learn about their culture and membership options. When you are ready, become a club member and join the community.


Experience the sport. Enjoy a one off event, or see if this is a sport for you. No commitments, just fun.

2 - COME & TRY

Be introduced to the club. Get to know the club culture and find out how to become a member.


Become part of the community. Join shooting events and participate in club, state and national activities.

Upcoming Events

Brisbane & Regional

The #GIVEITASHOT events are available at Belmont Shooting Complex with regular events on the calendar. For these events pre-bookings are required. After trying the sport you might feel that you would like to get involved. In that case the QRA can provide you a contact in a suitable club for a Come & Try session.

If you’re not living in or near Brisbane, no worries, there are still options for you to see if this is the sport for you!

Join them all or pick your favourite


No event found!
  • No recoil & noise

  • 25 metre range

  • 2 hour event


No event found!
  • Two different rifles

  • 50 metre range

  • 3 hour event


No event found!
  • Peep sight & Scope rifles

  • Distances up to 600 yards

  • 2.5 hour event

Special Moments

Surprise someone with a gift voucher for one of the GIVEITASHOT events, which allows them to pick a date. 

Or have you thought of a private group booking for that special occasion with friends or colleagues?


A unique gift for sure!

Handy if you would like to surprise that special someone without locking them into a specific date.

Your gift will be

  • something out of the ordinary
  • a chance to try something new
  • easy to enjoy at a moment that fits best

Why not share the experience?

Voucher options

Select from the following voucher options:

  • Shoot4Fun
  • Learn2Shoot
  • LongShot
  • Firearm Safety Course

Vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of purchase. Prices are the same as regular event prices, which you will find in the calendar.

How to purchase a voucher

Call the office during weekday business hours to get your voucher.

The voucher contains a unique code for your chosen event, which must be given at time of booking. A personalised digital gift card can be organised if requested.

If you prefer to book someone straight into a particular event, there is the option to receive a printed gift card with event details, instead of an open voucher.

How to redeem your voucher

To redeem the voucher, check the event calendar for upcoming events. Choose your date and supply your special code at time of booking.



Looking for a private session to celebrate with friends, colleagues and/or family?

In addition to a fun and engaging shooting event, there is the option to enjoy food and drinks, or to make use of our meeting rooms or great overnight facilities.

Call or email us to discuss your requirements. We can advise you about available dates and the great prizes on offer, and are happy to let you know about the experiences of previous groups.

Shooting Event

Our private events are based on the Shoot4Fun event, with the option to tailor it to your needs.

A normal event is based on 4 to 16 participants. Is your group bigger than that? No worries. You are not the first. Let us introduce you to the options.

Perhaps you are interested in a LongShot event as a private session for your group. We can definitely give you an overview of the possibilities.

Food and Drink

Would you like a soft drink and snack with that? Or maybe a BBQ and drinks afterwards?

You can opt for a welcome snack and drinks at sign-up, and this can be enjoyed throughout the event.

Perhaps you’d rather finish your event with drinks and a BBQ*. We can organise your private area at the QRA cafe & function centre, where you can have a laugh while sharing experiences.

Needless to say, alcoholic drinks can only be served after the conclusion of any shooting activities. Zero alcohol tolerance is strictly in place on the range.

*Other lunch options are available.

Meeting Room

Make it a day event.

A great option is to combine the fun of shooting with an inspiring meeting and some delicious food.

Discuss your company goals or aspirations in our Trophy Room, surrounded by decades of history and a multitude of awards. Feel free to invite an external guest spreaker to stimulate conversation and inspire the team.

Enjoy lunch prior to the shoot, and finish with some drinks at the bar.

This is only a sample. Share your thoughts with us and make it a day to remember.

Facilities for Hire

If you are looking at organising an event over multiple days, you may like to take advantage of the overnight accommodation on the complex.

There is also the option to hire indoor or outdoor space for other activities than shooting.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with the QRA office to discuss your wishes, and we can create an unforgettable event.


A fantastic time outdoors! Our qualified instructors will take you on a journey of exciting exercises with heaps of support.


Each event has its own unique elements, providing fun for all. If you are a total beginner or have shot before, this is the event for you. Bring your family and friends along and share the joy.


We shoot with different rifles at different distances, based on the event of your choice. You will shoot the prone position, laying on mats. If you have a condition that doesn’t allow you to do so, we can organise alternative options. After you book you’ll receive specific information on where to be and what to wear.


These events are not open range sessions where you walk in, shoot a few rounds and go home. These are organised events with activities, prizes, and fun competitions.


All you have to do is to bring your photo ID and we look after the rest!

To participate in shooting in Queensland you do have to be at least 11 years of age. There is no upper age limit, so bring your parents and grandparents for some fun.


Handy to know is that you don’t need a Firearm Licence to be able to join these events. It is actually a great way to try shooting first.


On arrival, you will complete the required documentation. If you are unlicenced, this includes a document to state that you are eligible to shoot. You will receive this prior to the event, which gives you enough time to get in touch if you have any concerns.


Pre-booking is required for these events as there are limited spots available and organisational preparations are made a few days prior to the start. If you don’t want to miss out, be on time with your booking.

We recommend checking the Terms and Conditions first.

We recommend wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket as well as a hat or cap, as you will be in the outdoors. Covered footwear is mandatory. We discourage the wearing of camouflaged outfits as there are specific rules concerning what is allowed on the range and what is not.


Only program rifles will be used for the #GIVEITASHOT events. If you have own equipment like earmuffs, you can bring them at your own discretion. However, this is not necessary as the program provides all equipment needed.


Do you have your own long range rifles you want to shoot and you are keen to become a club member? Let us know and we will put you in contact with a club to discuss the possibilities.


Be aware, not all kind of rifles can be used on every range. Ranges have specific rules.

There are certainly options available. You won’t be the first to join in the fun!


As long as you comply with the specific government shooting rules valid for all participants, we are happy to accommodate you where we can. Depending on your circumstances, you might need a letter from your health care practitioner to comply with the rules, though feel free to check with us first as this is only needed in rare cases.


Have a chat with us to find out what options there are. This allows us to organise a great shooting experience for all.

Yes, you can. In our experience, most parents and guardians end up wanting to join in when they see the fun they could have together. If this sounds like you, make sure to include yourself in the booking.

Too scared to try? Come and watch and see that it isn’t scary at all. Our instructors will put you at ease. The events are designed for everyone to have fun. We find that kids appreciate it when their mum, dad, uncle, aunty, brother, sister or other friend or family member joins them.

Give it a shot!

It doesn’t matter which one you choose to do. They can be done in any order, or just as a single event. Some people come back to do the same event, while others want to try a different one.


It depends a bit on what you are looking for which event to choose first.

If you prefer a rifle without recoil or a bang, start with the Shoot4Fun. The Learn2Shoot uses the same rifles as the Shoot4Fun, which allows you to focus on the technique of shooting. As a bonus, you do get the chance to shot a similar rifle to that used during the LongShot event.


If you prefer to shoot with a bigger rifle with recoil and a loud bang straight away, then the LongShot event is the way to go. These rifles are used for the longer distances.

Depending on the shooting experience you have and your main reason for joining the event, the following suggestions might help you to make your choice.


If you have been shooting with .22s and are after the bigger calibre rifles for the long range, go with a LongShot event. You will be able to try a .308 peep sight and a .308 scope rifle and will be shooting on the electronic target system. It is possible to follow your shooting live via the website. If you choose to become a club member your scores will be captured, which allows you to compete against yourself or others.


You might have shot the sport of Fullbore previously and want to join a club straight away. This is possible too. We are happy to introduce you to a club of choice.


A Shoot4Fun or Learn2Shoot can still be a great option for the experienced shooter. It allows to go back to basics, improving skills, and to bring family and friends that haven’t shot before. Great fun!

Either way could work. Some people start with a Firearm Safety Course and go to the events while waiting for their licence application to come through. Others want to try a shoot first to get to know the sport before undergoing the process of getting their licence.


Most of the #GIVEITASHOT instructors are also Firearm Safety Course instructors, which is handy if questions pop up during the events.

Yes, we are happy to accommodate group bookings for regular #GIVEITASHOT events, at a discounted rate.


If you have a group of 4 or more enthusiasts, we can offer a 10% discount when paid in full up front. You will be required to supply all the details of the attendees at time of booking.

Check with the office for any specific Terms and Conditions.


Gift vouchers are not part of this deal.

You can book as many people into an event as there are spots available.


Each event has its own maximum number of participants, ranging from 12 to 16. Bookings are basically made on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. At time of booking, full payment is required. There is no option to reserve a spot.


If you have a group of 6 or more people and there are not enough spots left, we can look into opening an additional regular event on another suitable date.


Would you rather organise a private session? Check the Private Events and Functions page for private options.


About Us

The Queensland Rifle Association fosters target rifle shooting and firearms training through our clubs.   Different classes of rifle shooting are conducted by our Clubs under the Standard Shooting Rules (SSRs) of the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA).

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Our Location

Belmont Shooting Complex


No commitments, just some fun with the option to do more. With our three different style events, you can choose what type of shooting suits you best. Are you scared of recoil and loud noises or doesn’t this faze you? We offer both options.These fun but organised events are run by experienced instructors and give you a chance to try different rifle disciplines in a safe environment.

Shoot4Fun is a shooting experience full of entertaining activities. In Learn2Shoot you master the fundamentals of shooting and get to test your new skills. And if you want to try something bigger, your third option is LongShot, where you shoot up to 600 yards supported by one-on-one coaching.

If you do get hooked, the next step is to do a Come & Try with a club.

Come & Try

A Come & Try will allow you to get to know the club. Volunteers are introducing you to the club culture and explain how you can become a member. A great moment to ask specific club related questions and see if this is the club for you.

The great advantage is, you already have some shooting experience from the GIVEITASHOT events and know what to expect.

In addition you’re helping the club volunteer to support you the best they can.

As they substitute their own shooting time to introduce you to the club, it is more pleasant to know that you are seriously interested in taking up the sport.

In case there is no GIVEITASHOT event in your area yet, feel free to get straight into a Come & Try option at your local club.

Become a Member

When you go all the way and decide to become a member and part of the club, you will also become a QRA (State) member and NRAA (National) member. This covers you to be able to shoot on the range and participate in events organised by these organisations.

Can you imagine ending up in a State or National Squad!


If you are living in regional Queensland and are not close to Brisbane best is to check with your local club what introduction programs they offer.

They might not have QRA’s GIVEITASHOT program yet, though that doesn’t mean that they don’t have other fantastic opportunities on offer for you to experience the sport of target shooting.

Ask for a Come & Try experience and give it a shot!

To find your nearest club, check this page.

Albert Rifle Club

Small club whose members have many years experience in the sport of fullbore shooting bot target rifle & F Class and will always provide the assistance required to potential new members in order to grow to our sport and open it up to others.

  • Location

    Duncan Range, Belmont Shooting Complex, 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont

  • Distances shot at range

    300 yards to 1000 yards

  • When do we shoot

    Saturday afternoon

  • How often do we shoot


  • Disciplines


  • Shooting Programs

    Come and Try Program