The Third Billy Sing Marksman Shoot, was held at the Clermont Rifle Range on the 1st and 2nd October 2016.

Saturday morning saw a very cold start with 3.8 degree temperature, warming up over the weekend to 36 degree on Sunday afternoon.

The competition was shot over 8 Ranges 2 X 300m, 4 X 600m, 2 X 700m.

Reading wind and mirage changes with only one wind flag half way along each range, proved extremely challenging.

Shooters travelled from Bundaberg and Mackay, and enjoyed a very competitive event along with wonderful meals, and friendship.

Great thanks must go to the sponsors of the Billy Sing Marksman Shoot, Glencore Coal and Clermont Butchery.

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Standout results in windy border contest

A Grade winners at Goondiwindi Charles Arrowsmith Biloela and Colin Cole North ArmA Grade winners at Goondiwindi Charles Arrowsmith Biloela and Colin Cole North ArmTop shooters Colin Cole and Charles Arrowsmith came to the fore in the Border Championships at Goondiwindi which drew a class field of more than 90 competitors, the biggest in years.

Rain sweeping around the west on the weekend threatened to dampen spirits, but it was the gusting winds blowing down the range that confronted visitors from Victoria, NSW and across Queensland and blew out many scores.

With fading light on Saturday afternoon, the last of four ranges over 600 yards was shortened to seven shots with three full ranges completed on the Sunday.

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QRA Queens winner James Corbett BenallaQRA Queens winner James Corbett BenallaJames Corbett wrapped up his 30th Queens Prize taking the 2016 QRA title with another commanding performance in Brisbane.

One of Australia’s greatest marksmen who hails from Benalla in Victoria, missed just a single bulllseye in the 100-shot match for a convincing win.

His three day aggregate 499 with 60 centres left him two shots clear of Grafton’s Nick Abrahall on 497.49. Mark Thurtell from Lyndhurst in Sydney placed third and also scored the Queens-Duncan Match five-day grand aggregate.

A quality field of 220 shooters from around Australia and New Zealand and a squad from Japan took part in the competion. The match finished in challenging wind conditions at 900 and 1000 yards which tested many of the leading contenders.

Natives shooter Ro McNaught was a convincing six-shot winner of the B Grade Queens while Gerard Loughran from Gatton won C Grade.

Nick Williamson from Gemfields again found the Belmont range a happy hunting ground beating a strong F Standard scope rifle field.

Mike Waites from Warragul won the F Open Queens and Jeffrey Eppleston from Bathurst prevailed in F Target Rifle.

Cannon Hill member Mark Fairbairn won the F Target Rifle Grand Aggregate while Ann Chinnery from Marian won the B Grade aggregate and Josh Pratt from Ipswich C Grade.

The Queens Prize was shot on electronic targets for the first time.

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Pacific Rifle Club member Gillian Webb-EnslinPacific Rifle Club member Gillian Webb-EnslinGillian snares her third Duncan

Pacific Rifle Club member Gillian Webb-Enslin has won the 2016 Duncan Match in a shootoff from Beaudesert’s Lee Robinson.

Gillian, a top-ranked Australian shooter for many years, clinched her third Duncan trophy after sharing an aggregate two-down score of 298.32 with Lee for the six ranges from 300 to 1000 yards.

Another Natives shooter Luke Baker won B Grade and Josh Pratt from Ipswich took the C Grade.

Ipswich shooter Daryl Barlow won the F Standard Duncan with Mark Fairbairn from Cannon Hill prevailing on centres from Craig Pratt, Ipswich, in F Target Rifle.

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31 July 2016
It was a day unlike most at ‘Stewartdale’ Ripley. Picture perfect, the sky was clear and the sun shining. Barely a breeze to lift the tired wind flags which were flown in preparation for what was to come. Ipswich and District Rifle club was to hold their annual Open Prize meet. Top shots, 73 in total, from all around began to congregate anticipating the contest ahead.

Before long the range was crowded with nervy competitors and the jovial chitter of friendly conversation, the calm before the storm. Soon enough it was down to business. Sights set, gear ready. The first keen riflemen clambered the mound and fired the first shots. Boom! Crack! The day was underway.

Conditions seemed mild to most but there was a fitful flick of flag flashing every few moments. It was enough to matter if you weren’t paying the due attention. As the day continued conditions didn’t seem to change significantly. The clear conditions and heat of the sun made mirage the
greatest test. It wasn’t until perhaps later in the afternoon when the flags left their lethargy to dance a little more.

As quickly as it began the last lonely shots rang out and the days competition was done. The congregation gathered as the afternoon waned for a coldie and a catchup. An enterprise for Electronic Targets was to thank for the club’s cake stall which provided a welcome treat after a day of close competition.

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