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North Arm scope shooter blitzes Gatton

Gatton F Open winner Dave Boreham North ArmGatton F Open winner Dave Boreham North ArmA possible 30 bullseyes by experienced scope shooter Dave Boreham was the highlight of a successful Gatton Rifle Club prize meeting held on Sunday, March 12.

Dave, from North Arm Club on the Sunshine Coast, blitzed the F Open class field in the three-range event to score the maximum 180 with 15 shots in the centre bull.

A strong field of 50 shooters lined up at 600 yards twice and finished at 500 yards in conditions which challenged many competitors.

In a sign of the growing popularity of scope rifles, the two F class events outnumbered traditional open sight rifles on the range almost two to one.

The F Standard scope class which attracted most competitors was shot in two grades.

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Crows Nest winner Colin Cole from North ArmCrows Nest winner Colin Cole from North ArmNorth Arm shooter Colin Cole powered through the shimmering heat to win the first rifle shooting competition of the year held at Crows Nest on February 11 and 12.

Colin missed just one bullseye over three ranges at 500 and 600 yards for an aggregate score of 149 with 18 centres.

He beat a top class field from southern and central Queensland and northern NSW under oppressive conditions with enough fluky breeze to be challenging.

Biloela visitor Charles Arrowsmith was a close second two shots down and also with 18 centre bulls. Natives competitor Kim O’Loghlen, was third, 2 shots down with 11 centres.

Crows Nest member John Gilliland won the B Grade aggregate and Gatton shooter Gerard Loughran the C Grade.

There was strong competition in scope rifle classes with North Arm’s Denis Aarons prevailing in F Open and Dave

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A photo of the Veterans at Bendigo recentlyA photo of the Veterans at Bendigo recently


Members of the QRA Veteran TR teams at Bendigo immediately after the Masters 15 shot match at 900yds on Sun 10 Apr 2016. From the left;

Geoff Wellburn (Pacific), Colin Jones (Central), Henry Mischlewski (Coach, Central), Bill Read (Uni of Qld), kneeling, Peter Compton (Capt., Gold Coast), Peter Scovell (Natives), John Caske (Coach, Natives), Don Thompson (Natives), Helen Griffiths (Pacific), and Phil Kraut (Uni of Qld). Absent: Herman Woolschott (Brisbane).


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