4 MARCH 2022

Belmont Ranges - Update

All resident shooters and surrounding club shooters,

To state the obvious we have had significant rainfall which has adversely impacted the range and surrounds.
The morning shoot at Duncan 300 yards has been cancelled by QRA to preserve the range for use in the afternoon. The decision to shoot in the afternoon, or not, will be made the MDRA executive.

Roads and Tracks

The sealed roads are generally in reasonable condition with potholes being repaired as required.
The unsealed roads (tracks) have sustained damage which may make them unsuitable for some cars. Please exercise care and car pool when possible to minimise traffic.


Cannon Hill have amended their program to shoot at 1000 yards. Members putting up the flags will walk in from the roads to avoid traffic on the wet grass which leaves deep ruts.
Duncan Range will proceed at 300 yards in the afternoon, which is the least affected by the rainfall. The parking line will be approximately 3 metres further back than normal. Do not park on the 300m mound (beyond Target 33).

25M Zero range has slumped at the stop butt. The ground is still unstable and we cannot permit people proceeding forward of the firing line at any time. We will permit members wanting to foul rifles, undertake velocity checks or run barrels in – as all these activities can be undertaken safely.

Driving & Parking

I take this opportunity to reiterate that we do not drive on firing mounds at anytime. Likewise when parking, drive up to the approved parking line as opposed to undertaking a U turn from beyond the line.

Please avoid the temptation to drive into other areas, as the surface often looks OK but we have significant moisture below..

We have been unable to undertake any mowing this week, so the grass length will be longer than desired.

Stop Butts

A number of stop butts and bunds around Belmont Complex have been damaged. In the coming weeks a program will be developed to repair as required.

Peter Doig

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