Central QLD Target Sports

Raglan Target Sports Association Incorporated is one of the best shooting facilities out side of a metropolitan area the range sits on nearly 1000 acres of club owned land. There are ranges including paintball, black powder, shotgun, pistol, centre-fire rifle, with range’s from 50m to 1100m with a great club house with accommodation, caravan and camping facilities.
  • Location

    Hourigan Creek Road, Raglan, Qld

  • Distances shot at range

    300 metres to 1200 metres

  • When do we shoot

    Weekly Club shoots on Sundays

  • How often do we shoot

    Weekly unless advised otherwise

  • Disciplines

    Target Rifle, F/TR, F Standard, F Open, Sporter Hunter

  • Electronic Targets


  • Come & Try


  • Visitors

    Visitors welcome