Paul Kerlin and Darryl Patti triumph at the Lou Hook

Paul Kerlin from Central Qld Target Sports took TRC in Darwin with a 2 day score of 267.13 while Darryl Patti from Crows Nest Goombungee took FSB with a 339.14.

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Albert Rifle Club

Small club whose members have many years experience in the sport of fullbore shooting bot target rifle & F Class and will always provide the assistance required to potential new members in order to grow to our sport and open it up to others.

  • Location

    Duncan Range, Belmont Shooting Complex, 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont

  • Distances shot at range

    300 yards to 1000 yards

  • When do we shoot

    Saturday afternoon

  • How often do we shoot


  • Disciplines


  • Shooting Programs

    Come and Try Program