Risdon puts on a show

What a great weekend at Risdon it has been. The hospitality was great, the atmosphere simply perfect. Laughter filled the air as I experienced one of the happiest weekends I’ve spend on any range! Well done to all who made this happen!

Mornings were brisk but days provided plenty of sunshine and high grade shooting! More often than not, it was centre counts separating shooters. The level of shooting certainly went up a notch or 3 after the first shot! Day 2 saw Lee Robinson from Beaudesert Rifle Club enter the mix in TR to make it even more interesting. A line-up of Lee Robinson, Michael Dickenson, Ash Bidgood, Josh Turner, Derek Sharp, Peter Tollis, David Hindmarsh and Leigh O’Donnell certainly meant some close contests.

QRA Junior, Hamish O’Donnell from Crows Nest-Goombungee Rifle Club had an outstanding meet, finishing with a great 60.7 at the 600 yards and the Grand Aggregate in F Standard while Tim Daniels gave it a good shake in F Open! Pud Heironymus kept it together to take the win. Russell Saxby held out for a great win in FTR.

Day 1 – 15 shots @ 500 yards, 15 shots @ 600 yards
Day 2 – 10 shots @ 500 yards, 10 shots @ 500 yards, 10 shots @ 600 yards

Grand Agg

  • TRA – Michael Dickenson (299.40), Ash Bidgood (298.43), Josh Turner (297.31)
  • TRB – Dave Phippard (286.28), Tom Smith (276.16), Ian Smith (264.7)
  • FSA – Hamish O’Donnell (354.29), Mel Power (340.25)
  • FSB – Brad Norton (342.16), Darryl Patti (336.21), John Preece (336.20)
  • F OPEN – Pud Heironymus (356.35), Dave Reddan (355.37), Tim Daniels (355.30)
  • FTR – Russell Saxby (352.22), Michelle Dick (348.24), Cam Free (348.19)

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Click the FB icon to view album

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