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LongShot – 400 yards


Ever tried target shooting on a 300 up to a 800-yard range? This is your chance! Join us for a morning on the Long Range and shoot on the electronic target system. LongShot is part of QRA’s introduction program #GIVEITASHOT. Each LongShot event is held at either 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 or 800 yards. A great option to try them all.

Bookings are mandatory. To secure your spot give the QRA office a call during weekday business hours.

Price: $100 pp.

The LongShot event is specially designed for people who would like to try the sport of Fullbore Target Shooting. A sport all about concentration, precision, and mindset. Totally new to shooting? Some like to start with a Learn2Shoot event first, a great introduction to the fundamentals of shooting while using smaller calibre rifles. This will set you up for an exciting Long Range experience where bigger calibre rifles with recoil are used. It is not mandatory to do this event first.

If you would like to get involved at club level and even shoot up to 1000 yards, we can introduce you to a club to become a member.

LongShot event includes:

  • Supervised 1 on 1 training
  • All you need for a day of fun on the range
  • From 11 years of age
  • Group booking discounts available
  • No Firearms License required
  • Booking Terms & Conditions
  • More information: : LIMITED PLACES LEFT!!!


13 Nov 2021


8:30 am - 11:00 am



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Duncan Range
Belmont Shooting Complex, 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont QLD 4153

Duncan Range



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  • More information: : LIMITED PLACES LEFT!!!

Albert Rifle Club

Small club whose members have many years experience in the sport of fullbore shooting bot target rifle & F Class and will always provide the assistance required to potential new members in order to grow to our sport and open it up to others.

  • Location

    Duncan Range, Belmont Shooting Complex, 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont

  • Distances shot at range

    300 yards to 1000 yards

  • When do we shoot

    Saturday afternoon

  • How often do we shoot


  • Disciplines


  • Shooting Programs

    Come and Try Program