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North Arm RC & Lilley District OPM

29th October – 30th October ($45 / day)

Target Rifle A, B and C and FO, FSA, FSB, FTR Sporter / Hunter (No Muzzle Brakes)

Saturday 29th October – 8:30 am start

  • (300m, 400y, 500y – 10 shot matches)
  • Saturday evening meal – $25/head!

Sunday 30th October 8:30 am start

  • (500y, 600y, 600y – 10 shot matches)

Clarification Sporter Hunter competition guidelines for North Arm and Lilley District Prize Meeting.

The Sporter Hunter discipline for our prize meeting will be conducted under the NRAA rules, with additional clarification as below:

Sporter / Rifle

Any rifle bought as a standard factory-made practical walk around sporting/hunting/varmint rifle without the features or attachments that would place it in the style of a target, match or service rifle and which complies with the following conditions:

  • Weight: not greater than 6.5 kg including any telescopic sight or bipod.
  • Barrel: Must not exceed 26 inches in length. If re-barreled, must be with varmint barrel profile.
  • Muzzle Brakes: Our Range Standing Orders do not allow for muzzle brakes, they need to be removed before firing any shots.
  • Magazines: Are allowed, but rifles are to be loaded as single shot
  • Telescopes: No more than 25 x power scopes to be used. If scope is more than 25x power, then it is to be turned to the lowest setting for the competition.
  • Bipod: A hunting style bipod is allowed (ie Harris, or similar)
  • Rear Bag: A soft squeezy style rear bag of not more than 1.5kg may be used.
  • ​​​​​​​All rifles will be scrutinised prior to the commencement of competition.

General Information

  • Range and Daily Aggregate Prize Money, Aggregate Badges
  • 2 Day Aggregate Trophy and Prize Money
  • Competition conducted under current COVID conditions
  • Canteen and Kitchen will be open COVID conditions apply
  • Breakfast available Sunday morning
  • Preregistration is encouraged and available through the QRA
    • Payment on the day also welcome

For further information contact:


29 - 30 Oct 2022


All Day


North Arm RC & Lilley District Rifle Association


North Arm RC & Lilley District Rifle Association
0409 472 706

For further information contact: Rob Griffith 0427 856 664 Michelle Fletcher - 0409 472 706 secretary@northarmrifleclub.com.au