Father & Daughter take the wins

At the South Australian Rifle Association Queen's Series 2022

Frog takes SARA Queens in F Open & Mia takes F Standard

The Hunt (lead-up) may have been won, but the second day of the SARA Queens was cancelled due to the winds gusting to 65 kilometres an hour: too strong for the target frames. The Queens was tallied on Day 1 & Day 3.

Queens – F Standard – A
1 Lowe Mia Goondiwindi QLD L U J 356.30
2 Whant Cameron Phoenix SA   351.34
3 Howell Tristan Phoenix SA   350.21
4 Makin Jeff Bordertown SA   348.27
5 Gillis Bill Maitland SA V 348.20
6 Hill Malcolm Port Pirie SA V 344.12
7 Neale Kerren Postal and RAil SA V L 340.21
Grand Agg F Standard – A
1LoweMiaGoondiwindiQLDL U J705.58
2MakinJeffBordertownSA 688.50


Queens – F Open – FO
1LoweFrogGoondiwindiQLD 359.40
2KrakeGeoffRobinvale Swan HillVICV SV359.29
3CarterRohanWallarooSA 358.28
5BorehamDaveNorth ArmQLDV354.34
6ShallisDennisSouthern HighlandsNSWV351.24
7ConlonKarenCyclists & Torrens ValleySAL351.22
8ConlonAdrianMurray BridgeSA 350.23
9WeigelJohnGosford RCNSWV350.20
10BraundStuartCyclists & Torrens ValleySA 349.28
11McDonaldDavidMurray BridgeSAV349.24
12GriningGuyStrahan Rifle ClubTAS 347.20
13RamsayMasonMildura/Red CliffsVICV SV345.22
14WarrianGregTumut Rifle Club IncNSWV SV342.24
Grand Agg F Open – FO
1LoweFrogGoondiwindiQLD 714.80
2KrakeGeoffRobinvale Swan HillVICV SV712.58
3CarterRohanWallarooSA 708.56
4BraundStuartCyclists & Torrens ValleySA 707.69
5ShallisDennisSouthern HighlandsNSWV701.45
6McDonaldDavidMurray BridgeSAV698.53
7WeigelJohnGosford RCNSWV697.49
8WarrianGregTumut Rifle Club IncNSWV SV693.49
9RamsayMasonMildura/Red CliffsVICV SV689.44
10GriningGuyStrahan Rifle ClubTAS 684.35

The Hunt 2022

Mia takes the Hunt in F Standard A while Dad came second to Stuart Braund in F Open.

The Hunt – F Standard – A
1LoweMiaGoondiwindiQLDL U J349.28
2MakinJeffBordertownSA 340.23
The Hunt – F Open – FO
1BraundStuartCyclists & Torrens ValleySA 358.41
2LoweFrogGoondiwindiQLD 355.40
3KrakeGeoffRobinvale Swan HillVICV SV353.29
4WarrianGregTumut Rifle Club IncNSWV SV351.25
5CarterRohanWallarooSA 350.28
6NollBluey (Ian)WhyallaSAV350.23
7ShallisDennisSouthern HighlandsNSWV350.21
8McDonaldDavidMurray BridgeSAV349.29
9WeigelJohnGosford RCNSWV347.29
10RamsayMasonMildura/Red CliffsVICV SV344.22
12GriningGuyStrahan Rifle ClubTAS 337.15

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