New National Ongoing Firearms Amnesty in Queensland

From the 1st of July 2021, new legislation will be in force which will provide the public with an opportunity to register or surrender previously unregistered firearms without fear of prosecution whilst delivering the firearm to an approved licensed dealer or police station.

All states and territories have agreed to be involved in an ongoing National Firearms Amnesty and as such, the Queensland Government has passed legislation that will allow for this to occur.

Persons surrendering firearms will be encouraged to do so at an approved licensed dealer, rather than at a police station.

As such, all communication provided on the website will be in relation to surrendering at an approved licensed dealer.

An approved licensed dealer is a dealer that has been approved to participate in the national firearms amnesty by the Queensland Police Commissioner.

Only “Firearms Dealers” with at least the firearm categories ABCD&H endorsed on their licence will be eligible to be considered an “approved licensed dealer” and will have access to information and “Forms” relating to the procedures required for the firearms amnesty.

A list of the approved licensed dealers who are endorsed to process firearms surrendered under the firearms amnesty will be on the Weapons Licensing website.

Persons surrendering firearms will be required to contact the approved licensed dealer or police station prior to delivery of the firearm to arrange the surrender.  Prior to delivery of the firearm, if persons surrendering a firearm to a dealer or police station do not contact the firearms dealer or police station beforehand, they are required to have a reasonable excuse for not doing so.

If a person wishes to register a firearm to their weapons licence, a person is required to supply their details and apply for a Permit to Acquire.

Firearms dealers not approved or participating

If a person contacts a firearms dealer who is not approved to handle firearms for the firearms amnesty, the dealer is to direct the person to make contact with an approved licensed dealer or police station.

If a person attends the firearms dealer (who is not approved to handle firearms for the firearms amnesty), without prior notification, the firearms dealer is to:

  • take possession of the firearm,
  • ensure they comply with section 71 of the Weapons Act 1990 and,
  • convey the firearm to a police station within 5 calendar days of receipt.

** Please Note**

  • Please contact your Dealer before doing anything.
  • Check if Dealer is on the approved Weapons Licensing Dealer List.
  • And make your appointment to visit your Dealer.