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Weapons are classified into a number of categories. The licence type you have and your genuine reason determine the categories of weapons you are able to acquire.

Category A

Rimfire rifles; single or double barrel break action shotguns; paintball guns; air rifles; and power heads. Must be 75cm or greater in length. Miniature cannons under 120cm in barrel length as prescribed in the Act.

Category B

Centre-fire rifles (other than semi-automatic); shotgun/rifle combinations. Must be 75cm or greater in length. Black powder Rifles. (Cap and Ball)

Category C (Restricted Use)

Semi-automatic or pump action shotguns (up to 5 rounds); and semi-automatic rimfire rifles (up to 10 rounds).

Category D (Restricted Use)

Self-loading centre-fire rifles; Self-loading semi-automatic shotguns (over5 rounds); and Self-loading semi-automatic rimfire rifles (over 10 rounds).

Category E (Restrictions Apply)

Bullet-proof vests.

Category H (Restricted Use)


Category M Crossbow and Category M Miscellaneous (Some Restrictions Apply)

Crossbows, certain knives and other hand held items capable of causing bodily harm.

Category R (Restricted)

Machine guns, fully automatic large calibre military weapons. (Collectors)

Other Restricted items

Non-mechanised devices like handcuffs or nunchaku.

Subject to change

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The Queensland Rifle Association fosters target rifle shooting and firearms training through our clubs.   Different classes of rifle shooting are conducted by our Clubs under the Standard Shooting Rules (SSRs) of the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA).

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