It was tough at 300y - but some great scores!

It was hot and humid for our M.D.R.A fixtures at Belmont yesterday. With teams across TR, FS, FO & FTR, the game was on. Wind coaches did their very best in getting both new shooters and the sport’s elite on target! Some say it was only 300 yards, but the calm conditions that greeted everyone at 12:00pm turned as the afternoon continued. Along came that dreaded Belmont flick when saw those few shots head high and low! Some great scores along the way for some – but in teams, it’s the team’s effort that makes the difference.


  • F Open – Pacific (376.042)
  • F Std – Natives (496.04)
  • FTR – University of Qld (370.032)
  • TR A – Albert/Central (521.062)
  • TR Reserve – Natives (309.028)
  • TR B – Natives (304.02)
  • TR C – Natives (299.019)
  • TR Pennants – Albert/Central (419.052)
  • Composite Pennants – Albert/Central (479.056)

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