It doesn't get any better!

For an F Standard shooter, there is no better than shooting those 11 shots into the centre X ring. Not just the 11 shots inside the X ring for a 66 and a possible, but 11 shots in the middle X ring at 700m! 

Let's congratulate one of our best junior shooters, Mia Lowe from Goondiwindi Rifle Club, for a magnificent 66.11 today at 700m (F Standard) - that was after she'd smashed the centre out in the first detail with a 60.6! Well done Mia!!!

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The Queensland Rifle Association fosters target rifle shooting and firearms training through our clubs.   Different classes of rifle shooting are conducted by our Clubs under the Standard Shooting Rules (SSRs) of the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA).

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Belmont Shooting Complex

Albert Rifle Club

Small club whose members have many years experience in the sport of fullbore shooting bot target rifle & F Class and will always provide the assistance required to potential new members in order to grow to our sport and open it up to others.

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    Duncan Range, Belmont Shooting Complex, 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont

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    300 yards to 1000 yards

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    Saturday afternoon

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    Come and Try Program