Eddie Moss & Eric Dudley Remembered

Sunday saw Beaudesert Rifle Club celebrate the lives of two of its most loved members who passed a few years ago: Eddie Moss and Eric Dudley. Both were known far and wide in the shooting community but were Beaudesert stalwarts whose blood flowed with a passion for their ‘home’ club. Like all clubs, there are those who shoot on range while others breathe what makes the club unique. Eddie (+ the entire Moss Family) & Eric Dudley were not just shooters at the club, they were the part of the driving passion behind it and the ‘family feel’ which we still enjoy today!

But yesterday was more than just two memorial shoots – the Moss Family Range buzzed with competitors over 4 separate events over the day: rimfire, the Eric Dudley Memorial, the Eddie Moss Memorial and a Milsurp shoot later in the day. Celebrations wrapped up at the club-house proudly named in Eric Dudley’s memory.

Eric Dudley Winners:

  • TR – Lee Robinson (54.5),
  • TR-O – Jason Taylor (52.4),
  • F Standard – Henk Doggen (66.8),
  • F Open – Mike Willment (66.6),
  • FTR – Michelle Dick (64.1)

Eddie Moss Winners:

  • TR – Lee Robinson (55.8),
  • TR-O – Jason Taylor (52.2),
  • F Standard – Henk Doggen (65.7),
  • F Open – Tim Daniels (66.6),
  • FTR – Michelle Dick (66.6)

Milsurp Shoot Winners: Ben (1), Jeff (2) and Regan (3)!

Well done Beaudesert Rifle Club and thanks to all who came to share their special day in the sun.

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