NRAA King's Prize

James Corbett rides in the chair in 2023

James Corbett does it again in fine style taking the NRAA King’s Prize for 2023.
What a day it has been for all as the leaderboard changed over and over. Rudi Mueller had nerves of steel to clinch TRB. Catherine Keogh was simply awesome all week! Peter Noonan held on bravely at the longs to take FSB. Brian Potter was all smiles as he led the F Open crew – the biggest on range! Gary Faulkner sealed it at the 1000’s and Terry Norris never missed a beat to win the very first SPORTER at the NRAA King’s Prize Shoot!
Congratulations to our NRAA King’s Prize winners:
  • TRA – James Corbett
  • TRB – Rudi Mueller
  • FSA – Catherine Keogh
  • FSB – Peter Noonan
  • F OPEN – Brian Potter
  • FTR – Gary Faulkner
  • SPORTER – Terry Norris
What a start for some at the first 600 yards! Ash Bidgood with a 50.9 in TRA to lead Chris Schwebel and Rob Cadden. Isaac Brinin with a 50.6 to topple Reilly Pitt and Bill Ballantyne. FSA saw Andrew McKillop with a 60.8 to lead Glenn Rush and Catherine Keogh. Lynton McRostie continued his good form from the President’s to take it from Peter Noonan and Carol Hulett in FSB! Albert van Wyk brought his A game with a fine 60.7 to nudge out Brett Bunyan and Peter Broom. Paul Kearney has started the day with a 60.7 to take the 600 ahead of Daniel Galea and Josef Ekkerd. Sporter has Terry Norris taking it on countback from Wu B Lau and Nathan Mann.
The 2nd 600 yards saw James Corbett head out young gun Jack Picton and Chris Schwebel in TRA. Rob Wilde held off Reilly Pitt and Craig Ryan in TRB. Al Griffiths took it in FSA on countback from Glenn Rush with President’s winner Catherine Keogh in third. Lyton McRostie is powering through in FSB with a win from Peter Noonan and Meher Rady Shah. Sean Campbell held out Matt Paroz on countback with Jock Foster third. Leon Lindley took FTR from Daniel Galea and Walter Estermann while Steve Greenhill took Sporter with a 50.7 over Stephen Connelly and Wu B Lau.
The first 800 yards after lunch saw Lee Robinson take it from Ben Picton and Hamish Pollocok. Rob Howie stepped up in TRB with a possible to take it from Isaac Brinin and Stephen Small. Corrie Hooson took FSA from Al Griffiths and Daryl Barlow. Lynton McRostie again took the gong from Peter Noonan on countback with Lana Mayfield in third. Sean Campbell took FO from young guns Mia Lowe and Jacob Campbell. John Stevens took FTR with a possible ahead of Gary Faulkner and Marty Kelly. Wu B Lau took Sporter from a great hit by both Zac Cameron and Kylah Norris.
The 2nd 800 yards saw some close shooting with Mick Dickenson taking TRA from Rob Rush and Lee Robinson. Brett Stephens took it from Rudi Mueller and Craig Ryan in TRB. Andrew McKillop took it from young gun Declan Barlow in FSA – but only by centres. Glenn Rush was 3rd. Lynton McRostie had a great day on range taking the 2nd 800 yards from Peter Noonan and Lana Mayfield. Matt Paroz took FO from Mia Lowe and Cameron Whant. Josef Ekkerd took the 800 in FTR from Janet Beale and Marty Kelly. Oliver Gillingham took Sporter with a magnificent 50.9 from Kylah Norris and Stephen Connolly.
It’s what you expect at the NRAA King’s Prize – it’s tough and the winners are certainly going to fight for their position in history. After days of challenging winds, we arrived to the Duncan Range with flags standing still beside the flagpoles. But we knew that was not going to continue. As the morning progressed, conditions have become considerably more changeable and difficult for our competitors.
1st 900 yards
  • TRA – Ash Bidgood, Chris Schwebel, Michael Chad
  • TRB – Stephen Small, Craig Ryan, Patrick Cabot
  • FSA – Bill Hallam, Daryl Barlow, Henk Doggen
  • FSB – Meher Rady Shah, Carol Hulett, Peter Noonan
  • FO – Albert van Wyk, Tim Booth, Brian Potter
  • FTR – Leon Lindley, Josef Ekkerd, Paul Kearney
  • Sporter – Terry Norris, Nathan Mann, Wu B Lau
2nd 900 yards
  • TRA – Gillian Webb-Enslin, Charles Arrowsmith, Leigh Marrett
  • TRB – Stephen Small, Reilly Pitt, Rudi Mueller
  • FSA – Catherine Keogh, Bill Hallam, Declan Barlow
  • FSB – Lana Mayfield, John Hinricks, Carol Hulett
  • FO – Mike Chui, Cameron Whant, Willie Serfontein
  • FTR – Walter Estermann, Paul Kearney, Frans Knox
  • SPCO – Kylah Norris, Nathan Mann, Steve Connolly

The Heartache of 1000 yards

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