The NRAA President's Match

It wasn't just the temperatures that were hot!

What a great way to start 2023’s NRAA Festival of Shooting! Two days of the best in action! Conditions were often difficult but the cream rose to the top as Chris Schwebel buckled down for an impressive win in TRA. Sporter was having its first run at a National event – and wow oh wow, competitors were on fire!
Our President’s winners for 2023:
  • TRA – Chris Schwebel
  • TRB – Craig Ryan
  • FSA – Catherine Keogh
  • FSB – Lynton McRostie
  • FO – Sean Campbell
  • FTR – Daniel Galea
  • SPORTER – Steven Greenhill
Chris Schwebel takes the 2023 President's Match (TRA)
It was a difficult start for some on day 1 of the President’s Match with 2x 500 yards completed this morning. TRA saw Mick Dickenson and Chris Schwebel the only 2 TR shooters to remain clean. Adrian Siebel, John Alp and Jacob Campbell are the only F Class shooters to be clean in F Open. The morning started rather choppy and conditions were difficult to read for many. As the day has progressed, conditions have eased and cloud has certainly taken the edge of the biting sun.
1st 500 yards
  • TRA – Mick Dickenson, Michael Chad, Geoff Grosskreutz
  • TRB – John Caske, Craig Ryan, Rob Wilde
  • FSA – Andrew McKillop Declan Barlow, Catherine Keogh
  • FSB – Lana Mayfield, Meher Rady Shah, Carol Hulett
  • FO – Brett Bunyan, Matt Foster, Warren Kempton
  • FTR – Paul Kearney, Paul Breeze, Sudjono Muljoatmodjo
  • SPORTER – Terry Norris, Steven Greenhill, Donny Smyth
2nd 500 yards
  • TRA – Ash Bidgood, Chris Schwebel, Charles Arrowsmith
  • TRB – Reilly Pitt, Peter Camm, Brett Stephens
  • FSA – Catherine Keogh, Glenn Rush, Bill Hallam
  • FSB – Lynton McRostie, Lana Mayfield, Peter Noonan
  • FO – Tim Booth, Jenni Hausler, Adrian Siebel
  • FTR – Paul Breeze, Marty Kelly, John Stevens
  • SPORTER – Terry Norris, Kylah Norris, Steven Greenhill
Lunch came and went and it was time for the 600’s There was some tough patchy conditions. Congratulations to Reilly Pitt who shot an awesome 50.8 in TRB, Daryl Barlow who shot a 60.7 in FSA and Steven Greenhill who shot a 50.7 in Sporter. Great results in the conditions!
  • TRA – Mark Buchanan, Bruce Scott, Shane Abood
  • TRB – Reilly Pitt, Tim Walter, Peter Camm
  • FSA – Daryl Barlow, Declan Barlow, Andrew McKillop
  • FSB – Meher Rady Shah, Terry Trigg, Lynton McRostie
  • FO – Brett Bunyan, Jacob Campbell, Jenni Hausler
  • FTR – John Stevens, Scott Mitchell, Paul Breeze
  • SPORTER – Steven Greenhill, Donny Smyth, Terry Norris

Day 2 lived up to all expectations

As always, the ET’s, BO’s and RO’s were ready! Day 2 (final day) of the President’s started with a genuine buzz. 3 ranges – 10 to count at 800y, 10 to count at 900y and 15 to count at 1000y. Chris Schwebel led TRA, Reilly Pitt TRB, Catherine Keogh FSA and Meher Rady Shah FSB. Matt Foster heads FO, Jason Mayers FTR and Steven Greenhill Sporter. Scores were close and with big winds predicated as the day progressed, it was going to be an interesting day! Anyone could win.

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