It's all class in FNQ

Danny Kelly (FO) winner & Jordan Drew (FTR) winner

QRA shooters shine in TR & F-Classes

  • TRA – James Corbett 400.55 (clean), Shane Abood 398.52 (Albert District Rifle Club), Mitch Bailey 398.49
  • TRB – Dom Whalan 390.34 (Natives Rifle Club), John Caske 383.25 (Natives Rifle Club), Martin Eiteneuer 383.25
  • TRC – Nigel Russell 371.15, Nic Sobzak 360.23 (Pacific Rifle Club)
  • FSA – Wayne Swift 466.30, Terry Hancock 466.25 (CQTS), Carl-Fredrik Lohne 464.31 (CQTS)
  • FSB – Darryl Patti 469.30 (Beaudesert Rifle Club) (highest FS score!!!), Luke Netherton 464.33, Trevor Deed 458.21
  • F OPEN – Danny Kelly 480.43 (Natives Rifle Club) (clean), Brett Perry 478.43, Stephen Lazarus 477.47
  • FTR – Jordan Drew 474.35, Rob Griffith 472.32 (North Arm Rifle Club), Jimmy Roughan 469.31
  • SH – Terry Norris 399.38, Kylah Norris 398.38, Zac Cameron 393.56

Danny Kelly takes his first King's, Darryl Patti top scores in F Standard & Dom Whalan takes TRB!

The class didn’t stop there! Shane Abood only dropped 2 points over the King’s to finish in second place behind the newly crowned winner, James Corbett! Mick Dickenson from Pratten finished sixth, Don Thompson ninth,  Gordon Duncan tenth, Josh Turner twelveth, Ben Fouch seventeeth, Geoff Grosskreutz eighteenth, Colin Jones nineteenth, Kim O’Loghlen twentieth and John Gilliland twenty-first!

TRB saw the great win by Dom Whalan (which made him 11th overall in TR). John Caske dug deep in the latter stages to pull out second while Gavin Williams finished seventh and Paul Kerlin 12th.

TRC saw some great shooting by Nic Sobczak who finished second!

Let’s check out the QRA chargers in F Standard!

F Standard saw a titanic battle which ultimately saw Darryl Patti come away with the top score from FSB!!! What a great result and one which sees him jump to A Grade!

FSA – 

Terry Hancock from CQTS finished second a few points from his fellow club member Carl-Fredrik Lohne! Not to be out-done, Margy Kerlin, also from CQTS wrapped up fifth place with Henk Doggen from Beaudesert in sixth!

Other CQTS shooters, Jude Oliver finished tenth and Luke Promnitz thirteenth! Joe Koch from Bundaberg finished 18th and Nick Ellis 19th.

FSB – 

Darryl Patti saw the win! Ching Tan from Albert District had a great shoot to finish fiften with Jenny Turner from Pacific in sixth. Antonio Teepa from Clermont was seventh with Jirayu Araya from Monto eighth. Jason Larson CQTS was 11th and Cassie Stephan from Monto 12th!


Danny Kelly will never forget his first King’s win and doing it ‘clean’ just made it extra special! Brian Potter from Brisbane Mariners was 4th, Jenni Hausler from 1000y Benchrest was 7th, Ernie Mace from Central 11th, Tegan Araya from Monto 14th with Stephen Smith, BJ Oliver, Brendan Feddersen all from CQTS, 16th, 18th, and 19th respectively!

FTR – 

Rob Griffith from North Arm Rifle Club gave it his all but fell short by a mere 2 points from Jordan Drew. Scott Mitchell from Natives was 8th and Nikki Slee from University was 9th.

Sporter / Hunter – 

Ben Fouch, Alan Lawes, Toddy Todd, and Bill Lane, all from Clermont finished 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th respectively!

Steve Negus wins the Wilson

  • TRA – Steve Negus 300.42, Gordon Duncan 298.33, James Corbett 298.30, Mick Dickenson 297.34, Josh Turner 297.32, Shane Abood 296.31, Geoff Grosskreutz 296.30
  • TRB – Martin Eiteneuer 289.21, Dom Whalan 287.28, Ian Bell 287.26
  • TRC – Don Flynn – 264.6
  • FSA – Charles Lazarus 349.20, Carl-Fredrik 347.22, Henk Doggen 346.21, Terry Hancock 345.25, Jim Blomfield 345.22, Luke Promnitz 343.17
  • FSB – Darryl Patti 345.27, Jirayu Araya 341.16, Luke Netherton 339.20, Trevor Deed 336.13, Jenni Turner 333.15, Liz Wilson 333.12
  • FO – Brett Perry 356.30, Stephen Lazarus 355.36, Peter Carter 352.34, Brian Potter 352,23, Deon Sava 351.25, Jenni Hausler 351.22, Danny Kelly 351.19
  • FTR – Rob Griffith 353.29, Scott Mitchell 352.24, Jimmy Roughan 349.30, Karl Vorderwinkler 347.18
  • SH – Terry Norris 299.46, Kylah Norris 299.36, Ben Fouche 296.34

TDRA & TMRC Prize Meeting 2023


What a great run-up for the NQRA Open Championships and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Shot over 3 ranges: 700m, 800m and a second 800m. QRA shooters shone with more than a few wins along the way! John Caske, Henk Doggen, Jirayu Aray, Jenni Hausler and Rob Griffith, all topped the tables!!!
  • TRA – James Corbett, Josh Turner, Mark Beecham
  • TRB – John Caske, Dennis Drew, Doug Pollock
  • FSA – Henk Doggen, Terry Hancock, Peter Munro
  • FSB – Jirayu Araya, Rob Holden, Darryl Patti
  • FO – Jenni Hausler, Brian Potter, Andrew McCulloch
  • FTR – Rob Griffith, David Huckett, Jason Kupke

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