Pacific RC OPM 2023

Grossie digs deep to take the Pacific OPM for 2023

The long awaited Pacific RC OPM saw shooters in TRA, TRB, TRC, FSA, FSB, FO, FTR & SPORTER (PC). It started with some great shooting by many at the 500 yards. Michael Collings from Te Puke with a 50.9 with Scott Robson a 50.8! Ray Mortimer in TRB certainly wasn’t going to be left behind with a 50.9!

Des Voght and Lowell Tillack started with a 60.9 each in FSTD & FO respectively!

As the day progressed our shooters saw 600 yards, and 2x 800 yards. Kim O’Loghlen and Josh Turner finished the day clean in TRA. Ray Mortimer was one point down and leading TRB while Craig Ryan led TRC.

Andrew McKillop was clean in FSA leading QRA young gun Hamish O’Donnell and stalwart Daryl Barlow by three. Lana Mayfield was showing good form to lead FSB.

Lowell Tillack and Brian Potter didn’t drop a shot all day and were at the top of FO while John Stevens was showing class leading FTR.

Wayne Latham was certainly showing good form in Sporter – Production Class.

Day 2 saw shooters at the longer ranges with 2x 900 yards and 2x 1000 yards. It was certainly a whole new ballgame!

Geoff Grosskreutz took the OPM by three from Graeme Bolland and Bruce Scott. Charles Arrowsmith, Mick Dinckenson, Matt Pozzebon and Derek Sharp close behind.

Ray Mortimer took a resounding win in TRB from Stephen Small and Bill Ballantyne while Warwick Thomas took the win in TRC ahead of Tom Noonan and Scott Townsend. Congratulations to Natives junior, Zyden Wiid for his fourth place!

Andrew McKillop took a nail-biter from Hamish O’Donnell by winning by a centre with Daryl Barlow third. Lana Mayfield took FSB – again by cenres from Jenny Turner and Hugh Bryan.

Brian Potter was all class taking FO from Dave Boreham and Frog Lowe. John Stevens took the win in FTR by a point from Daniel Galea and Frans Knox. No Sporter was shot the second day.

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