National Rifle Championships 2022


The President's Match

Our shooters shine

Kim O’Loghlen held off some of the best shooters in the land to take the President’s Match (TR) at the 50th NRAA National Rifle Championships.


With a strong field including James Corbett, Ben Picton, Chris Schwebel, Steve Negus, Shane Abood (to name a few), Kim took the prize with an outstanding 248.41. TRB saw Owen Miller hold out our locals Dom Whalan, Brett Stephens and Natives winner Stephen Small. TRC had Craig Ryan continue his great form taking it by 12 points. Great to see dedicated newer shooters acheiving success at such a high level.


FSA saw Andrew McKillop shine winning the majority of ranges and aggregates while Darryl Patti accomplished much the same in FSB! Brian Potter took F Open from a stellar field including Dave Boreham and Frog Lowe. FTR saw Frans Knox only dropping 1 point at 500 yards as he held out Natives winner Paul Kearney, NQRA member Tim Lawrence and QRA Queen’s winner Leon Lindley.


It was a great start to the Presidents with the planned 300 yards and the 500 yards completed during the first morning. With clouds rolling in, the decision was made to get into 2x 600 yards directly after a short lunch break! 

Day 2 started with the threat of even more rain and it was decided the 800, 900 and 1000 yards would be shot by rolling through. By 2pm, the winners were certainly grinners across TRA, TRB, TRC, FSA, FSB, FO & FTR!

Kim wins the Presidents for 2022.


Kim O’Loghlen, Owen Miller, Craig Ryan, Andrew McKillop, Darryl Patti, Brian Potter and Frans Knox!

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