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The QRA board is looking for a board secretary.

Read the section ‘about this position’ to find out about the skills required, training opportunities and much more. Please complete the form prior to the EOI closure date if you would you like to express your interest.

EOI closed - 10.01.2022

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QRA Board: Secretary

EOI - QRA Board Secretary (#18)



DO HEREBY express my interest for the position of QRA Board Secretary.


Position Description – QRA Association Secretary


Currently (as at November 2021), the duties of the QRA Association Secretary reside with the QRA’s Executive Officer.

From a governance perspective having the Association Secretary’s role being rolled into the EO role is workable but not ideal.

The adoption of the Associations’ new rules will likely render the current arrangement unworkable due to the increased workload imposed amongst other issues.


Administrative support required by the Association Secretary will be provided by the Association staff as required, under the direction of the EO.

The Association Secretary will be responsible for the operation of technology platforms used by the Association for Board Meetings and the Member Database.  QRA currently uses BoardPro and Revolutionise Sport.

Position Purpose

The primary purpose of the Association Secretary is to ensure the Association adheres in the Association’s Rules and to its statutory obligations as detailed in all associated government Act/s and Regulations.

The Association Secretary reports to the Association Board. This Association Secretary is not a Board position.

Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to ensuring that the Association adheres to its statutory obligations, the secretary will usually undertake the following tasks:

  • Provision of advice to President on procedural matters as required;
  • Provision of advice on governance practices to the Board, executive and the various committees;
  • Effective communication with members through Board approved channels to deliver relevant information on Association matters (may require joint accountability with EO);
  • Ensure the timely organisation and co-ordination of Board Meetings (including preparation of agendas and associated papers to be circulated to the Directors with any due notice required);
  • Organisation of all general meetings of the Association meetings;
  • Ensure the minutes of all Association meetings (Board, Annual General and any Special Meetings) are correctly recorded and authorised and then stored securely;
  • Ensure all official Association correspondence is attended to in a timely fashion;
  • Preparation and submission of any regulatory returns as required;
  • Provide Secretarial support to the QRA Governance Subcommittee;
  • Assist with or attend to signing of documents as required;
  • Ensure the maintenance of Board information on BoardPro is up to date;
  • Ensure New Board Members/Committee Members are correctly inducted;
  • Support Board and Committee member activities, including arranging professional development, course attendance etc.; and
  • Carry out any other specific duties as may be required (including control of the Association’s seal if required).


Authorities shall be as per the Association Rules and associated Act/s and Regulations or as delegated by the Board.

Knowledge and Skills Required

The Association Secretary should be methodical, persistent and impartial, and should have the following additional skills and knowledge

  • Be well organised and thorough;
  • Able to delegate appropriately;
  • Work autonomously;
  • Effectively communicate through the correct channels;
  • Maintain confidentiality where required; and
  • Attain/have a working knowledge of the Association’s Rules and all relevant Acts/Regulations as required.
  • Work collaboratively with the Board, Sub-committee Chairs and the EO.

Position Training Requirement

Undertake a training course conducted by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) or like organisation to ensure the incumbent is fully aware of all the positions’ responsibilities. 

This course may also provide a reference point for the resolution of any complex Association compliance type issues which may arise over time.

QRA, through its membership of QSport, has access to a NFP Governance Course conducted by AICD.

Time Commitment

It is envisaged that this role will be voluntary and would need a time commitment of 8 hours per week on average; however, this commitment may vary greatly depending the nature of what is required at any particular time.

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