SEDRA 2022

South East District Rifle Association has a great year of competition

Round 3 of South East District Rifle Association (S.E.D.R.A) – (Gold Coast, Murwillumbah, Albert District, Ipswich & District, Beuadesert Rifle Clubs) had a little bit of everything at the 700 yard mound at the Duncan Range today. We had fine, not-so-fine, wind from the right, wind from the left, wind from the back – mirage that ‘disappeared’, and a few shots with those most precious, ‘ARRRRGGHH’ moments.

We laughed, we smiled, we said a few choice words under our breaths, we congratulated our wonderful wind coaches for their great prowess in keeping us on target and equally piled it on thick when they got it wrong! Isn’t that what a great district fixtures is all about?

We’ve found out there’s some pretty good cooks at Gold Coast as they kept putting food on the table. After a little bit, we worked out they thought we might be a little under-nourished! Great food – great company!

THE WINNERS? Everyone who has participated in 2022! So, to all those who’ve taken the time to shoot S.E.D.R.A in 2022, many thanks! As always, it’s been great meeting up with our fellow shooters from others clubs, enjoying some wonderful banter, taking the usual B/S and having a great shoot (or 3) along the way. Results will eventually be worked through and winners announced. Until then, thanks for a great year with three shoots hosted by three of the five clubs.

The Winners

S.E.D.R.A was contested over 3 rounds with the final round yesterday at the Duncan Range, Belmont Shooting Complex.

This year , Albert, Beaudesert and Gold Coast RC’s hosted the three competitions! 24 TR shooters and 41 F Class shooters alongside their wind coaches battled it out.

Winners are always grinners…


  • Ipswich & District


  • Ipswich & District


  • Beaudesert

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