South Africa

Erik Cortina takes the win at the South African Open Championships (F-Class Open)
Hermann Rolfes takes the win at the South African Open Championships (F-TR))

South African Open Championships

Lead up to the F-Class World Championship – F Open and F-TR! The FCWC was originally scheduled for April 2021, however due to the global pandemic, impact to global logistics etc. ICFRA, the governing body of target shootint sports made the well-considered decision to postpone by two years. Despite all the adversities, our Aussies made it in 2023 with many competing in the three day South African National Competition over 700, 800 and 900m!

Shooting was performed Bisley style which allowed three individuals to alternate shooting, scoring and check scoring on one target. The Gen de Wet Range is a very open range of great width which allowed all competitors the chance to shoot in one detail. That meant every competitor within a class was able to shoot at the same time.

Marking was manual with quick and reliable service. Scoring was additionally different to what we’re used to using: V’s for what we know as X’s and 4’s the highest score instead of 6’s. 15 shots equated to 75!

Australia had 4 members make the final 15 of the SA Open – Rod Davies, Alister Lamour, Richard Bailey and Albert van Wyk. The final shot string was 20 shots! ERIC CORTINA won the championship with a convincing victory in F Open! Hermann Rolfes took FTR with a total of 666.47!

Protea Match

During the SA individuals, the teams had the opportunity to compete in the Protea Match – a 15 person team shoot across 700, 800 and 900m.

In F Open – Australia came away with SILVER with South Africa taking the GOLD. Team USA was third. 

Australia was fourth in FTR behind South African, USA and Great Britain.

But what of our QRA members?

Mia Lowe took silver in the Ladies category and bronze in the Under 25 F Open! Alongside dad, the pair took the top spot in the families category! Lowell Tillack won bronze in the veteran class (25th overall)! Frog finished 50th and Mia 55th overall. Jason Mayers was 90th.

Frans Knox was our only shooter. He finshed 70th.

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