Wondering how to become a better shooter? There are multiple ways to improve your skills. Through dedication, focus and a bit of luck you might become a master over time. The great thing about long range rifle shooting is that you can keep going no matter what age. Physical abilities might become more challenging though technical, tactical and mental skills potentially flourish.


Indulge yourself in courses, online and on the range. Focus on the technical, tactical, physical and mental side of the sport and learn from the best by following their footsteps.


Nomination & Recognition
Get yourself graded and visualise what you would like to achieve in the future. Create your plan of attack and stick to it. What you put in you will get out.


Practice your new learned skills while enjoying the sport. Participate in club and other events and evolve during the process. Let your new discovered talent shine.

Education & Practise tools

Pick what suits you best...

A skill set doesn’t come overnight, and that makes the sport of shooting very interesting. There are so many elements to the sport to master. 

From pulling the trigger to reading the wind. Every shooter has their own way of developing these skills. The good news? You can start with your current strengths. 

What would you focus on developing first?


Become your best self.
The challenge of ups and downs is won through persistence.



What you might want to know...

What are the core skills of shooting?

What you need to be able to do to get to the level to shoot by yourself….

Physical -…

  • visual precision
  • flexibility
  • core stability

Mental – … 

  • concentration
  • focus
  • emotional state mastery
  • self motivation
  • unshakable self confidence
  • decision making
  • positive attitude
  • eager to learn

Tactical & Technical

  • Pull the trigger
  • breathing techniques
  • positioning
  • reading the range conditions like wind & mirage
How long does it take to get to A grade?

There are different elements that influence the speed of growing in level of capability.

  • Amount of practise.. including quantity vs quality practise
  • Practising different elements – competition pressure; different conditions; dry fire…
  • Open mind when learning. Capability of listening and transfering the learnings into practise.
  • Actions taken
  • Life rounds fired
What should I learn first and how?

club, home, steps to follow

What to do

what not to do

what to expect

  • ups & downs
  • persistence
What is the best way to become a master in this sport?

Ask the masters!

Do you have a favorite shooter already?

The great thing about this sport is that you can actually join the same events as they do!

A great opportunity to connect and ask them what their winning recipe ingredients are.

In the meanwhile check the skill development tools and get started.

Share your knowledge and support others in their development. Support your way ... [link to support page]

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