Belmont Shooting Complex transitions to Hexta Targets

Belmont rifle range has now fully entered the electronic era with the two major Queens Prize shoots and all club events this year shot on the new targets.

The transition has been largely seamless thanks to the work of a small dedicated team of volunteers led by Pacific member Bob Cramp.

Bob has been involved with the new scoring system from the outset, visiting other ranges, helping to draw up user requirements and specifications and testing various systems.

The selection of Hexa as the preferred supplier saw the formation of a four club synicate to install the first bank of 12 targets at Belmont. A second syndicate purchased 12 more targets last year and the QRA contributed another six.

This has allowed the range to host the biggest shoots with ease.

Bob said shooters had quickly adapted to the electronic scoring system and were enjoying the benefits of having their full shooting history available online.
The new target frames are now a permanent fixture on the range with the server and electronics needed to run the system housed in a purpose built trailer for easy transport from range to range.

Back-ups have been installed and ready to go in the event of any system failure.

Once the portable antennae and monitor screens are set up, a diagnostics check is carried out before the commencement of shooting.

“Now that everyone is getting familiar with the electronic targets we’ve been able to stand back and just make sure everything is working smoothly.”

“The technology is now widely accepted and proven and is the way of the future,” Bob said.

The team ensuring electronic scoring ran smoothly at the QRA Queens Prize, John Menzel, John Williams, Bruce Nardi, Bob Cramp, Rob Bell and Phil Kraut.
October 2012 - Hexta debut at Belmont Duncan Range

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