John R Killian

Vale John R Killian

John Killian passed away at 0942hrs on the 16th January 2022 in hospital in the England after a short illness. 

John was well known to many international shooters who visited Bisley and meeting him on his many tours with British teams around the world. Many Australians were helped by him when we visited Bisley and entertained in his back yard of Clock Tower Lodge. 

His lunch parties on the day of the Queens Final were legendary. I can remember in 2010 his great friend John Fitzgerald organised the Gurkha Band to play for the lunch guests where John also sang the first verse of Waltzing Matilda.

A photo of two great friends John Killian and John Fitzgerald

The world of target rifle shooting will be a much lesser place with his passing, our thoughts must go to his family, Di his wife and Gibson his son as well as all the extended family.

I have put together a short list of his shooting achievements as John was not just a very decent person but also a great shoot.

  • 30 ‘Big 5’ (Palma, Australia Match, Kolapore, Mackinnon and National) appearances – for England, 7 in the National and 8 in the Mackinnon – for GB, 5 in the Australia match (74, 76, 78, 79 and 84), 3 in the Palma Match and 7 in the Kolapore (including captaining the winning GB team in 1997).
  • 9 GB overseas tours of which 4 were to Australia (74, 79, 84, 88), on the first of which he won the NSW Queen’s and acquired the nickname “son of Walt”.
  • He made 12 appearances in HM The Queen’s final, including winning the Silver Medal (the 2nd stage) in 1974, and 7 Grand Agg crosses, including the Silver Cross in 1976.
  • He also won a full set (Gold, Silver and Bronze) of St. George’s medals, including winning the competition.

Thankyou John Killian for the many great memories that you have given the shooting community around the world in general and on being such a great influence with my shooting career.

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