QRA State Championships 2023

High Winds cause havoc as dreams are smashed

James Corbett takes 2023

They all came to win – they all gave it their best but only a few take the prizes!

It’s August – Brisbane has westerlies!

The highs, the lows came at every range – some tamed the conditions while others were tested to the extreme. Nobody left unscathed from Mother Nature’s venom at the Duncan Range. The winds blew, then they blew harder – just to add to the mix, they blew the opposite direction! But through it all, our shooters took to the task at hand with all they could muster.
5 great days of shooting saw James Corbett lifted in the chair as the QRA King’s Champion! Kev Howlett saw his dream come true taking TRB and Hugh Morgan was all smiles as he took TRC.
Andrew McKillop added another to his list of wins – How many is that on the trot? Corrie Hooson certainly gave him a scare this year! QRA junior Declan Barlow took FSB while Brian Potter aced it in F Open. Leon Lindley took his second FTR title! Awesome work by all!


  •  TRA – James Corbett, Jessica Crawford, Michael Collings, Geoff Grenfell, Peter Thurtell, Ash Bidgood, Lee Robinson, Shane Abood, Bob Crawford, Kim O’Loghlen
  • TRB – Kev Howlett, Peter Camm, Robert Howie, Byron Hucks, Rudi Mueller, Brett Stephens, Tim Boase, Norio Kanayama, Ian Errington, Frank Horgan
  • TRC – Hugh Morgan, Robert Crowe, John Cooper
  • FSA – Andrew McKillop, Corrie Hooson, Damien Tansley, Daryl Barlow (Declan’s Dad), Al Griffiths, Catherine Keogh, Bill Hallam, Glenn Rush, Hamish O’Donnell, Henk Doggen
  • FSB – Declan Barlow, John Hinricks, Peter Noonan, Andrew Walmsley, Brett Bunt, Hugh Bryan
  • FOPEN – Brian Potter, Jamie Mettam, Peter Broom, Frog Lowe, Des Voght, Bill O’Brien, Walter Fisler, Oliver Ploch, Douw de Kock, Kris Wilson
  • FTR – Leon Lindley, Frans Knox, Marty Kelly, John Stevens, Daniel Galea, Josef Ekkerd, Brett Clarkson, Jordan Drew, Jimmy Roughan, Walter Estermann
Our thanks goes to all who’ve made this week so very special! On and off range there has been an atmosphere that money simply can’t buy! Thanks for the memories!
Jessica Crawford - 2nd
What a great night it has been at the Duncan Memorial Presentations! Smiles, laughter and good fun rounded off a great day on the range!


  • TRA – Peter Thurtell, Ash Bidgood, James Corbett
  • TRB – Peter Camm, Rudi Mueller, Kev Howlett
  • TRC – Hugh Morgan, Robert Crowe, John Cooper
  • FSA – Damien Tansley, Corrie Hooson, Andrew McKillop
  • FSB – John Hinricks, Peter Noonan, Hugh Bryan
  • FO – Frog Lowe, Oliver Ploch, Guy Grining
  • FTR – John Stevens, Jimmy Roughan, Daniel Galea
  • WG DUNCAN TEAMS – NATIVES (Bob Crawford, Kym O’Loghlen, Don Thompson, Josh Pratt – Lethal Leigh)
  • WILD DOG HYBRID – Corrie Hooson, Mia Lowe, Josh Turner, Glenn Lahey and Rob Griffith

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