From 1926 -

2019Mr John (Johnno) Johnstone OAM
2015Ken McLachlan
2005Mr G. R. Duncan
1996Mr G. W. Iszlaub
1991Mr R. J. Rush
1988Mr A. R. Macpherson OAM
1982Mr W. A. Dawes
1980Mr Stuart Smith
1977Mr George Male
1973Mr E. W. Bubbo OAM
1972Mr A. C. Penwarn MBE
1971Mr J. J. Cadden
1969Mr W. L. Hogarth
Mr J. C. Tunstall
1964Mr A. R. Duncan
1960Mr P.J. Sheehan
1958Mr W. J. Dwyer
Mr F. Zillman
1956Mr E. G. Williams
1955Mr A. C. Ball
Mrs S. M. Hogarth (Mother of Bill Hogarth)
1955QRA Minutes of 17 September 1955 Listed Life Members as:
Bruche, Cameron, Mrs Hogarth, de Castres, Masterton, Campbell, W. G. Duncan, Woolcott-Forbes, W. McDonald, Bryans, Belson, Ball
1953Mr E. H. Belson
1952QRA Minutes of 29 September 1952 Listed Life Members as:
Maj-Gen. Sir Donald Cameron KCG, DSO, VD, Mr R. M. Simmons, Mr A. de Castres, Mr T. M. Masterton, Mr L. H. Story, Mr C. A. J. Campbell, Mr W. G. Duncan, Mr J. A. Savage, Mr J. Woolcott-Forbes, Mr W. McDonald, Mr G. H. Bryans, Mr J. F. Boyle, Mr L. Jeffries
1949Mr George Bryans
Mr W. McDonald
1935Col. W. H. Berry
1934Mr J. A. Savage
1933Mr G. E. Pullen
1932Mr J. F. Collett
1930Mr L. H. Story
1927Mr C. Stirling
Mr H. W. Hyde
1926Col. Hon. A. J. Thynne
Col. J. R. Sankey
Brg. Gen. C.H. Foott
Capt. Arnold Wienholt
Mr H. de Castres

John (Johnno) Johnstone

Life Membership

The Queensland Rifle Association generally bestows life-membership on recipients about every decade, and we consider Johnno a very worthy person for such an award. Johnno has provided exceptional support for the sport of rifle-shooting in Queensland and Australia. 



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