If you live in Queensland and wish to own or use a gun, crossbow, paintball gun or some knife types , you must hold a weapons licence.

Before you can apply, you will need to select the correct type of weapons licence – this will depend on the type of firearms or weapons you want to possess and use. This will also depend on your genuine reason for needing the weapons. This page has more information about the types of weapons licence, so you can decide which may be most appropriate for you.

Firearms Licence

This is the most common type of weapons licence in Queensland. It allows you to possess and use single shot or manual repeating rifles and shotguns (categories A and B).

Genuine reasons for a firearms licence include sports or target shooting, recreational or occupational reasons (for example, if you work in primary production).

It is possible to possess a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun (categories C and D) under a firearms licence, but you will need to justify a special reason to possess these more powerful weapons.

Minor's Licence

A minor’s licence can only be issued to someone between the ages of 11 and 17 years. Once you turn 18, you will need to apply for an adult licence, as your minor’s licence will no longer be valid.

A minor’s licence allows you to possess and use rifles, shotguns and pistols (categories A, B, C and H only). Genuine reasons for a minor’s licence include sports or target shooting or primary production on rural land. Minor’s licences may also allow you to use a category C weapon for clay target shooting or occupational reasons.

 When you make application for a Minor’s licence for one of the following genuine reasons, you must provide the supporting documents as listed under the relevant genuine reason below, with your application and as evidence of your genuine reason:  

Who can apply for a weapons licence?

If you live in Queensland and wish to own or use a firearm, crossbow, powerhead or paintball marker, you must hold a valid weapons licence. To apply for a Queensland weapons licence, you must:

  • be at least 11 years old (if you are aged between 11 to 17 you can apply for a minor’s licence)
  • have a genuine reason for needing a weapons licence
  • reside only in Queensland
  • be a fit and proper person
  • have completed an approved safety course in weapons safety
  • have a safe and secure place to store a weapon.

What is a genuine reason for needing a weapons licence?

There are several genuine reasons for wanting to own or operate a firearm. When you apply for your weapons licence you will need to provide proof of your genuine reason.

What is a fit and proper person?

You will not be considered a fit and proper person under the Weapons Act 1990 if you been convicted, discharged from custody on sentence, in the last 5 years of any of the following:

  • offences relating to the misuse of drugs
  • offences involving the use or threatened use of violence
  • offences involving the use, carriage, discharge or possession of a weapon.

Or if you have been named as a respondent in a domestic violence order (other than a temporary protection order).

When deciding to grant a weapons licence, we also consider the following for whether you are a fit and proper person in Queensland:

  • your mental and physical fitness 
  • whether you have provided anything false or misleading on/with your application
  • criminal intelligence or other information about you
  • the public interest.

When you apply for a weapons licence you must let us know if you have ever suffered any medical conditions, such as serious eye or vision impairment, conditions causing seizures, brain injuries or neurological conditions, physical impairment and psychiatric, psychological or emotional problems. You may have to provide further details and a doctor’s certificate.

Mental & Physical Health

If you have immediate concerns about someone’s behaviour and his or her access to a weapon, if a crime is happening now, or a life is threatened, call Triple Zero (000) or speak to your local police station. 

If you have general concerns about someone’s behaviour and his or her access to a weapon, please contact your local police station or Policelink on 131 444.

When you make an application for a weapons licence you must provide information on your medical history. This is so we can assess your mental and physical fitness to hold a weapons licence. You must let us know if you have ever received treatment for:

  • Serious visual impairment
  • Fits, dizziness or blackouts
  • Brain injuries
  • Psychiatric or emotional problems
  • Alcohol or drug related problems, and/or
  • Physical impairment

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions you are required to provide further details. A current doctor’s report must accompany your application to certify the condition(s) and that it does not affect your ability to possess or use a weapon/firearm.

More information:

What is a safe and secure place to store a weapon?

Section 60 of the Weapons Act 1990 states a person must have secure storage of weapons. A licensee who has control of a weapon at a place must keep the weapon in secure storage facilities at the place when a person is not in physical possession of the weapon. The required type of storage varies, based on the type and number of weapons. 


Do you have to complete a firearms safety course?

There are some cases where you may not have to show a safety course certificate (statement of attainment for partial completion) from a firearms safety course when completing a weapons licence application.

How do I complete an approved firearms safety course?

Certain Registered Training Organisations (RTO) are accredited in a course in firearms safety (Course code 11029NAT).

The course has a number of units which relate to the category of firearms under the Weapons Act 1990. You must complete the unit within the firearms safety course for the category of weapon you want to use. Once you have completed units of competency under the accredited course in firearms safety, the RTO will provide you with a Statement of Attainment to prove your completion of the course. 


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