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About QRA Long Range Fullbore Target Shooting Rifle Clubs

The QRA fosters target rifle shooting and firearms training through their clubs. 

A variety of classes of rifle shooting are conducted under the Standard Shooting Rules (SSRs) of the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) (available on our NRAA updates page).  These include fullbore, F Class Open, F Class Standard, F/TR, Match Rifle and some clubs have Field and Rimfire divisions.

QRA and NQRA clubs operate around the State.  Club Shooting is usually held on weekends with competitions at distances from 100 - 1000 yards.

Fullbore Target Rifle shooting involves prone position single shot precision shooting using bolt action centre fire rifles at 'round bull' targets at distances from 300 to 1000 yards.  Target shooting is a sport of skill and determination which is not gender or age specific.  Women and men compete without favour or discrimination for the same grades and prizes. It is suitable for young people (the minimum age in Qld is 11 years) as well as older and physically impaired people who can enjoy participation alongside each other. This Commonwealth Games sport allows participants to compete at local, state, national and international levels individually or as a team member.

 Shooting is open equally to men and women. Queensland law designates that a person using a rifle must be a minimum of 11 years of age; adults 18 years and over must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a Queensland licence.


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 Some QRA Clubs have their own websites:  

QRA Clubs with Websites

QRA Clubs - click on the Club name to be redirected to the Club website

Beaudesert Rifle Club

Brisbane Mariners Rifle Club 

Brisbane 1000 yard Benchrest Club

Darling Downs Rifle Club

Gold Coast Rifle Club

Ipswich Rifle Club

Murwillumbah Rifle Club

Natives Rifle Club

North Arm Rifle Club

Pacific Rifle Club

Southern Downs Rifle Club

Townsville Marksmen

Wondai Rifle Club

University of Queensland Rifle Club 

Apples Long Range Club (pdf) information.


For information regarding suitable club membership, please contact the QRA or a QRA Rifle Club .

To apply for membership of a Rifle Club, please contact the Club directly for information regarding fees and membership,  prior to completing the  Membership Application Form.   Applications for membership must be signed by the Club Captain.  


TRANSFER Application - between QRA or NRAA affiliated clubs

 The Queensland Shooting Club

The Queensland Shooting Club (QSC) is suitable for members who are not actively shooting but still wish to maintain membership of an approved rifle club. 

QSC members are not eligible for NRAA competitions.  QSC insurance only applies when shooting on approved QRA ranges.